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Get ready to upgrade your life in a beautiful way! This is what students of my other courses had to say.

dePepi's works have inspired me to work on myself and start offering my services and getting extra cash.
Anna Z.
Happy mother of two.
I now take action more than procrastinate. I'm also working on taking failure as a teacher. So far, my life has changed greatly by taking steps out of my comfort zone 🙂 Thank you!
Marinne M.

Feel more abundant and confident in your life than ever before!

The FAE subscription courses will give you the tools to open the door to abundance and get more confident while being open to creative solutions.

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How it works

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Check out what dePepi has to offer

  1. Abundance Mindset Makeover
  2. Get out of your comfort zone and conquer the world
  3. Transform your hobby into a successful side-hustle (coming at the end of November 2022)
  4. Additional Streams of Income Mastermind (comes in 2023)
  5. Self-published Mastermind (comes in 2023)
  6. Mindful eating Workshop (comes in 2023)
  7. Healthy Relationships Makeover (comes in 2023)
  8. Social Media to hype your blog
  9. Building your blog community (Intro)
  10. Publish your own Oracle/ Tarot deck
  11. Writing Yaoi, writing BL
  12. Tarot 101 for beginners
  13. Get access to all updates of the courses
  14. Get access to VIP content 

about PEPI

I’m an inspirational coach and author for nice people and entrepreneurs like you. 

I’ll help you transform your skills and hobbies into side-hustles so that you can start earning extra and potentially turn those into a main business. Creating financial freedom starts with the bold decision of sharing with the world your gifts

My courses will help you open your mind, gain self-confidence and take the first steps into a new version of you. 

Your journey starts now. Transform yourself during 2023!

By following the courses seriously you will:

Be more confident

You'll have the tools to have more confidence and start choosing yourself more often

Self-sabotage less

You'll notice the negative habits that trigger self-sabotage and stop them before happening

Attract more abundance

You'll be open to real abundance in your life!

Don't miss your chance to be more abundant and have a successful side-hustle and extra streams of income!

(Change your life during 2023)

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Please note that the membership is non-refundable. You’ll have access for a year to all courses in the FAE membership. I do believe miracles happen if we commit ourselves to see them through.

Have more questions?

Once you’ve subscribed, you need to log in into your account here. Go to the courses section and choose the course you want to start by clicking on any of the lessons and enjoy!

You have access to the courses during a full year. You also have access to its updates while your subscription is up to date. 

The FAE membership is non-refundable. You’ll have access to more courses during the year. 

Yes, it does, at a full price (£190). You can cancel at any time before the year ends so that it won’t auto-renew. 

Yes, you do. You don’t need to subscribe again. Just go to courses and click on any of the lessons to start. Only new members can enjoy this Black Friday.

Yes!  The practices and skills that you can learn in this course will help you have more confidence in yourself and open more to abundance. 

It's the perfect time to gift yourself the opportunity to start changing your life into a more abundant one!

use the code BLACKFRIYAY80 at checkout

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