Vikings: Uprising

Uprising follows the story of what happened after Ragnar and his crew's raid on Paris. Ragnar is a broken man, but an attempt on his life causes him to take drastic action. Meanwhile, his former wife Lagertha travels to the holy place of Uppsala seeking a sign from the gods, but finds only destruction. Lagertha and her shield maidens must find those responsible.

Reviews:Pepi Valderrama on dePepi wrote:

The first comics THORsday of 2017 is all about Vikings Uprising, the comics based on the show. The comic book takes us to different shores. We meet a defeated Ragnar who returns home. He has nightmares and visions of his Chinese slave. Everybody can see that there's something very wrong with him, but no one suspects there's an uprising going on. Slaves in a farm have decided to kill the Viking Gods. Colum, the reluctant leader of the slaves, is searching for freedom. What starts being a plot to escape, ends up being a rebellion.

Meanwhile, Ragnar still dreams about his Chinese slave who gave him medicine. Or rather, drugged him. And now, he must face the demons. He killed her, but he must deal with a lot in a very short time. Continue reading.

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