The Unbelievable Gwenpool: Believe It. Vol. 1

2015's overnight internet sensation takes center stage in her own series! Gwen Poole used to be a comic book reader just like you...until she woke up in a world where the characters she read about seemed to be real! But that can't be, right? This must all be fake, or a dream or something, right? And you know what that means...NO CONSEQUENCES! Could Gwenpool truly be Marvel's least responsible and least role-modely character to date? She can if she tries! COLLECTING: GWENPOOL, THE UNBELIEVABLE 0-4

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Comics THORsday pretends to go nuts with the Unbelievable Gwenpool #1. This issue is running its second printing, which means that it's having a blast! Gwenpool is fresh, hilarious and crazy. What else can we hope for a Superhero title with a "pool" in it? Everything and more! We're in front of a Superhero without super powers, a crazy comic book fan who wants to do what her favorite Superheroes do: fight the baddies. Gwen jumped from our Universe to the Universe of comics. How did she do it it's a mystery. However, it worked for her. She comes from Howard the Duck pages and now she has her own super flashy title. She is very confident and a geek to the bone. In fact, many of her solutions are what I would do in her place: inspiration in video games, blind faith in the indestructibility of Superheroes, and so on. Continue reading.

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