Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata

The werecat Shingo is able to change into a black cat, and as long as someone has the looks and body that he likes, he'll sleep with just about anyone. Falling for Shingo because he was overwhelmed by his strong masculine aura is the No. 1 popular actor, Kakami. Amongst all the playful teasing and messing around between the two, Kakami suddenly shows his beastly nature...?!

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Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata [The Book Depository] [Waterstones] [CDJapan] is a yaoi manga by Aya Sakyo that surprises a lot. The title can be roughly translated as "how to play with a black cat boyfriend." Despite being very graphical in content, it makes you think about lonely people and how we can help them. Shingo is a werecat. He can transform into a black cat when he wishes. His life has been very sad. Abandoned when he wants a kitten, he's a lonely person. He only has a friend, who happens to be his boss. At night, he roams the streets in search for lovers. He doesn't know it, but what he's searching is for love. During the day, he works at movie sets with his boss and friend. Although he's a hard worker, he's also very lazy. He's a cat after all. Continue reading.

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