Gods of Asgard, a Graphic Novel Interpretation of the Norse Myths

Journey to the frozen lands of northern Europe, where mighty gods battle fearsome monsters for control of the earth and the worship of mankind. But tragedy strikes as the Gods of Asgard fall not to their mortal foes, but the enemy within. Drawing from the original source material, award-winning illustrator Erik Evensen gives us a glimpse into the legendary adventures of Thor, Odin, Loki, and the rest of the Norse gods with his graphic novel adaptation of the classic Norse myths. 2007 Xeric winner.

Reviews:Pepi Valderrama on dePepi wrote:

If you want to know about Norse mythology, Gods of Asgard is a great start. This graphic novel by Erik Evensen is a jewel. This graphic novel is a black and white 167-page treasure that resumes Norse myths with great accuracy. You will find a spooky Odin and a very tricky Loki in it. This is certainly a great pick if you don't want to read a very thick book on Norse mythology, but it's also a great idea if you want your kids to get interested in it.

Before starting to read it, please get rid of all the ideas that Marvel has put into your mind. These are the tales of the real Norse myths and not the inspiration that Marvel found in them. Despite this, Odin is still a douche. [Sorry, my opinion, but I am a real fan of Loki! Odin, read carefully, is a douche here as well.] Continue reading.

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