Crimson Spell Vol.2

A curse is a difficult thing to break. Vald, prince of Alsvieth upon taking up arms to defend his country was beset with a curse that transforms him into a ravenous cannibalistic beast.

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Crimson Spell [The Book Depository] [Waterstones] [CDJapan] volume two is staggering. If the first volume was a little bit like an introduction, this second volume explores the feelings of Vald. Vald is feeling closer to Havi, the sorcerer. But he doesn't know why. Oblivious of his sexy nights with Havi, Vald is soon to discover about them. However, their quest to break the course isn't an easy one. After being in a prison in Celeas, our heroes are searching for answers. There's more to the curse that meets the eye. Continue reading.

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