Crimson Spell Vol.1

The curse of the magical crimson sword has turned Prince Bald into a monster... To break the spell, he sets out on a journey with the sexy and gorgeous magician, Havi. Bald has no idea that when he turns into a beast at night, Havi uses his unique talents to pacify his beastly appetite... The luscious journey of Bald and Havi begins.

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Crimson Spell [The Book Depository] [Waterstones] [CDJapan] is a yaoi and fantasy manga series that certainly surprises. Yaoi is the Japanese word for slash fiction. Yaoi manga is very popular in Japan. When I first went to Japan, I was surprised by the amount of comics in a shop in Akihabara. The whole building is full of manga of all sorts. Yaoi and yuri happened to have a full floor just for themselves! Continue reading.

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