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You’ll find great artwork on dePepi. Many are commissions to artists that I like. However, most of the banners have images purchased on Evanto Market, and The Hungry Jpeg.

At the end of each post, you’ll find some affiliate and copyright notices. You can also see captions under many images. These can be comments or information about that image.

You will find a Super Villain “Pepi” artwork in old banners. Katrina Hill created this image, and it’s super funny. She also created the cover for Geek Anthropology of Loki’s Army. You can find her and her art here.

You might also find Dolly, a cute portrait that Liethel created some years ago. I used it for some banners, but since the design of the blog has changed considerably, you might not find her easily now. You can find Liethel here.

Max Rambaldi created a sakura lady for a banner realted to Japan. You can find information about the illustration here, and contact Max through his blog here, and like his Facebook page here.

Samanta Niz created a chibi version of me. You can find more about the work of Samanta Niz in her page in Deviantart, and ask her to create a drawing for you here.

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Art by Joy San (SexyTuna)

You can also find icons about my Vulcan and me. These were made by Joy San (SexyTuna). You can also find my icon on my Moo card. So, if we meet in person, I might give you a card with that icon on it. Joy creates super cute art. I highly recommend you to visit her Patreon page or follow her on Twitter. I feel lucky to have found her on Twitter. I love her art.