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About depepi.com

dePepi is a magazine-like blog that focuses on pop culture, especially films, shows, comics, books, writing, and games as well. It’s an excellent venue for fans of all kinds, shapes, and sizes to discover new outlets, enter into fannish conversations, and enjoy pop culture.

About Pepi Valderrama

I am an experienced writer, web programmer, and SEO specialist based in Brighton, UK. DePepi is where I showcase my expertise, share my ideas, reviews, and thoughts about movies, series, books, fandoms, and all things pop culture. I’m passionate about learning languages and discovering new pop culture outlets.

I’ve lived more than eight years in Japan and traveled solo with my backpack. Discovering new pop culture venues for women is one of the flavors that these experiences left me.

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    Quote I like: “damnant quod non intellegunt” (Cicero)
    How to pronounce my name:
    Pepi is read as peppy (pepē) adjective, informal, “lively and high-spirited”.