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Time for some blogging tips! I’ve been talking with many bloggers recently who have started writing for other blogs. Sometimes we get very excited when we’re approached by outlets out there that are interested in us. Many promise exposure in exchange for some words. Unfortunately, it only works if you have a good audience. So, what’s going on?

Many outlets offer exposure in exchange for your services as a writer. Writing for a blog is, in essence, a job. You’re writing. Every word you type is money. And, why is that? Because you it takes time, it needs practice, and it requires knowledge. All of these are valuable assets, and as such, they need payment.

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Would you work for free?

Unless you’re doing charitable work, then, you shouldn’t.

Exposure sounds good, but the reality is that it’s fickle. Ask yourself: how many times have I checked the links of an author of a post I’ve read in a big outlet out there? I bet, just a few. If people would be checking authors from a page all the time, I’d tell you that exposure it’s fantastic. But it’s not. Sadly, the number of people that might potentially check what you’re all about, it’s very reduced.

If a blog as big as yours is offering a guest posting exchange, things are different. You’re offering a part of your audience to a fellow blogger who is doing the same for you. What I’m talking about is big outlets that offer you “opportunities” of exposure in exchange of content.

The content of a blog is the most valuable thing. That’s why it should be paid.

Let this sink in. Content is gold.

So, when you create content you’re creating value. When you write for your blog, you’re creating value. In the same way, if you decide to write for an outlet, you’re creating value for them. Hence, “free exposure” won’t make the cut. See how unbalanced the exchange is?

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So, if what you write is valuable, if the content you create is worth something, how much should you charge?

This might depend on the outlet. Bigger fishes should be able to pay more than small ones. Take a look at the venue you want to write for, and decide if what they offer to you is worth your time.

Yes: it has to be worthy for you. The exchange has to feel right for you.

I give you an example. Let’s say you love comics, and you pitch an idea to a more prominent blog that pays for an article. They offer you $30USD for 1000 words of brilliant content. Let’s say you love them, and you feel satisfied with that price. Then, go for it!

Or, imagine you feel pumped because you found a magazine and you’d love to see your article online and in a paper magazine. You go out and pitch your excellent idea, and it turns out that if they say yes you’ll get $80USD per page. Can you imagine how happy you’ll feel if you see your article published?

So, yes! You can write articles for small blogs, bigger ones, and magazines if you want. Just know your value.

When you write, you’re creating content. And content is the most valuable thing online.

So, be like Thor: worthy!

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So, the next time you pitch an idea to an outlet or some blog approaches you, think about the value you give, and the benefit you get. If it’s balanced, and you’re happy with it, then what are you waiting for?

But, if they offer you the “exposure tune” shy away from it.


Just exposure doesn’t work unless someone promotes you. And this will happen if you have value to offer to their audience.

So, write, darling, and get a fair value exchange.

Let the world see your worth.

blogging tips, bloggers, writing, blogs, depepi,, tips

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