Captain Marvel Is Marvel’s Most Empowering Movie

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Captain Marvel is Marvel’s most empowering movie for me. It was already time to see a female Superhero be independent, powerful, resourceful, but also with flaws. Carol Danvers isn’t perfect, and that’s what makes her so relatable. The movie is a metaphor for women’s lives everywhere in the globe, and yet it becomes even more special because of the message. “I have nothing to prove to you.” That’s the main motto that Captain Marvel has left us. And no, she doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody. And the same goes for us: we have nothing to prove to anyone.

SPOILERS: this is a review with many spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go to the cinema! You won’t regret it. I saw it on March 9, and I enjoyed it greatly. And, how is it that it took me so long to blog here? Well, life. Ah, oh, yeah! I have nothing to prove to you. (Smiles widely).

Let’s say that one of the scenes that hit me the most was the gif you can see above. No matter how many times you fail, you have to keep going and do your best. That’s precisely what Captain Marvel does, and the message is beautiful. The second one is that women can do whatever they wish, and they don’t need to prove anything to anybody. And that includes men. However, this wasn’t the most emotional part of the film. Just at the beginning, in the opening, we can see the Marvel logo and all the Superheroes appear on the screen, we got a tribute to Stan Lee. It was simple, yet warm. A collection of his cameos in the films appeared through the Marvel logo and making the audience weep. A true superhero.

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It’s 1995, and Vers (Carol) cannot sleep. She has a nightmare, and she ends up visiting her mentor, Yon-Rogg, to blow some steam training. She lives in Hala, the capital of the Kree Empire, and she’s eager to serve. Despite of the nightmares and the doubts, she ends up in a mission next to Yon-Rogg and his team. She knows them all, and they seem to be excellent friends. Yon-Rogg trusts her, so they venture into the mission eagerly. However, the task is a flop, and the Skrull commander Talos captures her. She finds herself a prisoner of the Skrulls who end up taking a look at her memories. And it seems that she isn’t who she thinks she is.

After a fight, she escapes to the planet below, and it happens to be Earth. The Skrulls follow her and shift. They can acquire any appearance they see and copy even manners of the person they copy. But it isn’t perfect since they cannot dig much into people’s minds.

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On Earth, Carol ends up meeting a young Nick Fury and Agent Coulson. It’s Fury who will end up teaming up with her searching for the scientist the Skrulls are after. But in the process, we get to know more about Fury, who still has two eyes and no patch. But he does have a lot of hair. At the beginning Fury is doubtful, but after seeing the aliens, he’s all about to know more. So, he goes rogue and teams up with Vers. He helps her get into a base where Doctor Wendy Lawson (Mar-Vell), the old woman Vers sees in her nightmares.

It turns out that she created a device that the Skrulls want, and she died in an accident where Vers “died” too. In fact, Vers just disappeared. In her memories, she also sees a black woman, Lashana. She turns out to be her best friend. Memories start pouring into her mind, while Talos appears unannounced in Lashana’s home. After a talk, he challenges everything she knows.

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The Skrulls aren’t the evil ones, but the Kree. And all she knew was real is but a lie. Her name isn’t Vers, but Carol Danvers. So, she decides to help the Skrulls. When they go to find out where Doctor Wendy Lawson’s office is, they find it in orbit. Inside, they find the Doctor’s research but also Talos’ family, the thing he was really after. With them, there’s Goose, a nice kitty Fury found in the hidden facilities they visited to get the files about the Doctor. Talos fears the cat, who insists isn’t a cat at all. But Fury keeps up petting him and playing with him. (It’s adorable!)

But they have Yon-Rogg and his team on their heels. They board the ship, and they take everyone hostage. They make Carol meet the Supreme Kree intelligence. The Kree made her believe that they had granted her powers and that she’s nothing without her. However, that’s a lie. Once she starts believing in herself and embracing who she is, things change dramatically.

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She kicks ass, and she’s following her heart. Fury helps the Skrulls out of the ship, and ends up believing Talos when he said that Goose wasn’t a cat! Tentacles go out of his mouth, and he kicks ass. However, he ends up scratching Fury’s eye. (And now we know what he has a patch, although he explains something totally different to Coulson. Cough.)

Yon-Rogg had called Ronan the Accuser who appears with a force eager to crash Earth. However, Carol crashes them at ease. Ronan escapes and leaves Earth for the time being. When Carol finds Yon-Rogg, she ends up kicking his butt. Knowing that he cannot do anything against her, he tries to play the psychological part and fails utterly. Carol doesn’t need to prove anything to him and sends him packing to Kree with a message for Ronan.

And then, she ends up going with the Skrulls to find a new home for them. That’s how she’s missing while the rest of the Avengers get snapped into dust. We also get to know where Loki’s scepter’s favorite piece ended up in the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D. (hello Goose!)

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This movie is funny, uplifting and empowering. Carol and Fury’s team is just amazing. Plus, there’s a super fluffy kitty in the film (and it’s not a kitty). And if you think that’s all, then we get the scene where we can see Carol joining the Avengers. “Where’s Fury?” is the first thing she asks. We all know that poor Fury ended up dusted, but perhaps we can get him back?

It was nice to see Fury’s origin, as well as Carol’s. She’s the strongest Marvel Superhero in the MCU, and I’m sure she’s going to befriend Thor in no time. (We’ve already seen Thor saying “I like this one” in the trailer of Endgame.) Now the thing is: will Marvel let us breathe during Endgame or do we have to prepare tissues for the ride?

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I’m planning to watch the movie again soon and will end up devouring the Blue-Ray for sure. So, are you ready to fly? Oh, and the last note: when Carol goes to the sub, she meets Kelly Sue DeConnick. Yes! That’s the cameo of the writer who takes her of her adventures in comics.

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