Happy 2019!!

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Happy 2019!! How was your Xmas? I hope it was cool, and you got tons of Yule presents. As an Italian (and Spaniard) winter joy lasts until January 6th (when the Befana comes and gives presents). This is the time when you remember 2018 and star shuddering and try to avoid remembering all the things you didn’t do. However, for me, 2018 has been a year of changes. dePepi looks amazing, and it has a Yaoi section as well. 2019 promises a lot, in the writing and creative arena. I just hope that I can share it with all of you with glory and might.

Before 2018 ended, I created a Patreon account. You can now become a Patron and help dePepi grow and share more information. If you guys help me, you can also have perks. There’s a lot to explore with Patreon, but I hope I can get the hang of it pretty soon. My main target is to share my knowledge. That includes Japanese (using BL manga is one of my main targets, to be honest), blogging, writing, reviews, and sharing all types of opinions that I wouldn’t share on the blog.

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2018 was the year of changes. Things in my life changed a lot. And while things were up and down, I managed to write a mammoth second draft of my Fantasy book. I’m working on the third at the moment, and it’s going from mystery amorphous blob to Kraken-like monster from the depths of a forbidden lake. Although it doesn’t look like so: it’s going better. In fact, I’m enjoying some writing retreats that I found during 2018, and I intend to join again and again during 2019 until the monster turns into Loki!

So, what’s in store for 2019? Well, more writing, reading and reviewing. And of course, sharing everything here. There’s still a lot of work that I need to finish before I can make this blog roar, but with your help, I’m sure I can make this fly. Literally. As for life? I expect a year of brilliance and magnificence. (As you can see, I’m not short in cheekiness).

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I know that many blogs out there love to share numbers and tell how wonderful their year was, and what they expect for the future. When I checked the graphs, I got shocked. 2017 seemed okay, but now it pales next to 2018. The graph is out the charts, people! And all thanks to you. (But now I’m in a super embarrassing position where I want to hide under the table because it does look like there was nothing before 2018, despite me blogging during years. Let me fuse with the furniture for a while…)

As for writing, I also seem to have been very prolific, despite the enormous gaps in silence that I had due to being damn busy. Despite all that, I managed to write a ridiculous amount of words! (Does typing like crazy count as working out like going to the gym?)

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So what can you expect from dePepi during 2019? More reviews, more writing, more sharing, and more mischief. They say life is too short not to live it fully. Perhaps we should change that to life is too short to bullshit around or being too shy, don’t you think? So, let’s be cheeky, let’s throw old bad habits away, and let’s enjoy this ride! If not, what are we doing here?

During the following weeks, you’ll find more yaoi, lists of books that I want to read during 2019, and more reviews about comics (not only Superheroes). And of course, there’ll be more Thorki. Thursdays are still the date for Thor and Loki, but if I can’t make it on time, I’ll share the posts during Lokisday (that’s Saturday!)

So, want to join the fun?

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