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Now you can become a dePepi Patron using Patreon, a platform to help creators and writers to do great content. I’ve been thinking about Patreon for a long while now, and I’ve finally decided to give it a go. DePepi is growing, and readers would love to see more reviews, tips on writing, and more adventures. However, the budget is limited, and I feel I could be delivering more juicy stuff. Instead of relying on companies to sponsor me, I’ve decided to walk a different and more interesting path: let the audience join the fun.

I won’t lie: I’ve created some tiers that feel outrageous. However, I think that if I’m going to do this, I better do it as dePepi is: in a funny way, and with all the cheekiness in the world. For as little as a coffee, you get your name in the Valhalla (a page I’ll create on this blog as soon as I get my first Patron). This will be the honor hall of halls, where all Patrons will find their names. Different tiers, give you various perks. But I plan to share surprises with everyone for sure.

You’ll notice that the site will ask you if you’re an adult. Well, since I review BL/Yaoi, I decided to add the requirement even if I might not share juicy images on Patreon. (If you read my yaoi reviews, you know that the juicy stuff is hidden under an NSFW banner.) Should I share any yaoi artwork, writing or rambling related to it, we’ll all be okay.

So, what perks do you have by becoming a Patron (apart from entering the Valhalla)?

Patreon, depepi,, become a patron, support me

The Love Potion Candy tier gives you my gratitude and a place on Valhalla. It’s the cheapest tier, only $3 a month. It gives you access to any surprises I might share with all the Patrons (regardless of how much you pay). What are the wonders? At the moment I have no idea.

Patreon, depepi,, become a patron, support me

Lembas Macarons give you access to all the above, plus a banner for your blog (so you can brag about and shout loud what a gorgeous Elf you are), and access to some of my ramblings. You’re a fantastic and an incredible Elf since you’d be spending $10 a month to make things happen here!

So, what are the ramblings about? Well, virtually anything that I want to share with you and I’d like to become more personal, but that I don’t feel like sharing with the whole world.

Patreon, depepi,, become a patron, support me

Finally, I decided to add something entirely outrageous, just for the fun of it. A tier of $500 that will make you a God (probably Loki, but you can call yourself whatever you like, really.) You get all the perks from all the other tiers, with some nuances. For starters, you’ll get a digital banner that will be only for you, you’ll appear at the top of the Valhalla, and you’ll know you’re a God and you rock. This crazy tier is limited to one.

If I become dePepi’s Patron, can I suggest topics and other stuff?

All Patrons can suggest anything that comes to their minds. You only need to share your thoughts on the comment section. It’s very likely that I’ll end up asking you what to read next, or even propose activities like a read-along.

Will you teach Japanese using manga for real?

Using manga for other things than just reading it for entertainment is good. Although I admit that it’s not a great source to speak proper standard Japanese. But, it can be fun. So, if you’re up to it, let’s do it!

Will you also share tips on blogging and writing?

I plan to share my experience in all areas of the topics connected to the blog. It means that tips can be on social media, what tools I use, how I use them, etc. Also writing fantasy and how I come up with ideas. Anything worth sharing! You can even ask me what you would like to know regarding different topics (again, related to this blog.) Say, you’re going to Japan, and you would like to know good restaurants or cute ones in Tokyo. Since I lived in Tokyo for 8+ years, I can share my favorites. Or, maybe you want to get some ideas for your blog, and now you’re stuck. I could share how I come up with some ideas.

What are you going to do with the Patrons money exactly?

From paying the hosting of the blog to buying more books and comics to review, to allow me to sip coffee in your honor. (I’m a coffee addict so, it might be coffee and not rum.) Also, let’s be clear: living expenses. But it’s mainly coffee and books.

Aren’t you a little bit cheeky with your goal? $1500 for creating courses?

I’ve never had so much trouble in my life until I decided to edit the unboxing videos I decided to do some time ago. Also, writing good lessons is time-consuming. Editing and writing something that is super useful needs time. The only way to have it is to have a goal that allows you to have that time. So, I thought I’d have a goal that more or less represents the amount of work that it’s needed for such endeavors. (And also, a budget for coffee and cookies.)

Have any other burning questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

You can contact me any time here. Or you can use FB, if that’s easier for you.

Let’s create amazing stuff together!

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