Preparing for NaNoWriMo 2018. Here we go!

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I know that preparing for NaNoWriMo 2018 from September is a little bit too early. However, last year I suffered a lot because I wasn’t prepared enough. I also said that I wouldn’t retake part because I had such a hard time. And here I am back thinking about doing it. After my Camp disaster due to sheer amounts of work, I plan to win NaNoWriMo again. However, I’m taking a different approach: preparing the ground with ease and then get stressed during November, but not as much as last year.

Many people like to write without any plans. However, just writing and having no plans at all can be very challenging. Having just an idea and some points of your story can be fatal if you aren’t flexible. Although I won NaNoWriMo 2017, I wanted to try a different approach this year. I have a fair good idea about my story and the characters. I know having a plan is good, and I also know that being flexible is paramount for success. And I know I might change everything hours before the great event starts. At least, I’d flexed my fingers, and I’d be ready to write 50k words.

Nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2018, writing, writer, amwritingfantasy, writing fantasy, depepi,

Plotting is also a good idea before the due-day comes. That’s why I decided to go to a Writers’ Retreat during October, and I plan to go to another one during November. I’ll probably freak out at the number of words that I yet need to write. However, I feel better knowing that by the middle of the month I can share my desperation with some fellow writers. They will probably offer me some more gallons of coffee and cookies.

How did I delude myself with the idea of being prepared? Well, for starters, I flexed my imagination and writing skills by using the Writers Toolbox [The Book Depository]. It took me a while to understand how it works, but once I did it, I was glad I bought this jewel. Even if it says that it works wonders to help you write a book, the reality is that it’s a magical kit that will help you flex your fingers and expand your imagination.

I also decided to get a copy of Pep Talks for Writers [The Book Depository] [Waterstones]. I expect to want to burn the computer and anything else on the desk at some point during November. That’s why I need pep talks: boosts of positivity and someone to tell me I can make it without fires. Perhaps I’ll need a dragon anyway.

Nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2018, writing, writer, amwritingfantasy, writing fantasy, depepi,

Although I did prepare a plot for my book, I know there’s a lot of people that venture NaNoWriMo with none. No Plot? No Problem! [The Book Depository] [Waterstones] helps you get your ideas in some sort of order. You can always just write, and that’s it, but I feel like having some sort of help on the desk is always a good idea.

Another NaNoBook that can be of help is Ready, Set, Novel! Workbook [The Book Depository]. I used it a bit last year, and it did make a difference while I was in deep commotion and freaking out because I thought I wouldn’t finish NaNoWriMo. I used it a bit before starting, and during the adventure, and it served me as a little guide.

And if you’re in love with fantasy, you could always consider Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction [The Book Depository]. It helps you build (or have to build ideas) incredible worlds. However, if you prefer dragons and playing with dice, I suggest using Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) to create amazing words and compelling characters.

Nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2018, writing, writer, amwritingfantasy, writing fantasy, depepi,

November 1st is around the corner. In some hours I’ll be panicking in front of the blank page. But, this time I come with a plan to the adventure. I also bought enough coffee and cookies for a week, so I should be fine during that time. After that, I guess I’ll start sipping beer with ghouls, or burning spells so that a pixie writes the book for me.

What have you done for NaNoWriMo? Have you prepared anything? Do you have a dragon under your bed in case you need to fly away from the computer?

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