Bad Times at the El Royale

bad times at the el Royale, chris Hemsworth, Thor, depepi,, review

I saw Bad Times at the El Royale, and it was a masterpiece of suspense and filmography. Twists and turns will make you awe while you’ll keep engaged during the whole movie. Characters will thrill you as much as surprise you, and you’ll even despise unthinkable ones. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I highly recommend you to hit the cinema and spend a glorious time getting the chills, getting emotional, and rooting perhaps for who you didn’t think you’d root for.

The cast is amazing. I could tell you incredible things about each member of the cast, but let’s just say that they just nail their characters. All of them, without exceptions! They’ll make you love them, and perhaps hate them. Or, you’ll hate them first, and then you’ll like them.

SPOILERS! This review has some spoilers of the movie. I decided to contain myself and don’t give away too much, but I still give away some juicy stuff. Go to the cinema, and then come back here.

bad times at the el Royale, chris Hemsworth, Thor, depepi,, review

It’s 1969, and six strangers end up in El Royale, a hotel that’s in middle of two different states. Darlene arrives at the El Royale. She’s a soul singer with money problems. The first person she meets there is an old priest called Daniel Flynn. When they enter into the lobby of the hotel, they find a vacuum salesman called Seymour. He’s very annoying. Soon, the concierge appears to give them rooms. He’s called Miles, and he’s a drug junkie.

Seymour wants a room, in particular, number 1. So, he lets the two check in first. The priest takes a coin and flips it, and goes for number 4 (he was deciding between 4 and 5). Darlene takes number 5. Then, a hippie called Emily arrives. She has a very bad character, and she wanted room number 1, but she gets another one.

bad times at the el Royale, chris Hemsworth, Thor, depepi,, review

Seymour is debugging his room. He’s found dozens of microphones in the room. He’s an agent in disguise, and the vacuum is just a place to hide his gadgets. Seymour then goes to the lobby and enters into the concierge’s domain. Miles is in his room, high on drugs. He didn’t notice the agent at all when he goes through his inspection. To his surprise, he realizes that the concierge could see everything, and even register them with a camera. Each room’s mirror is but a window.

When he inspections this, he discovers the Priest tearing his room apart, Darlene singing, and the hippie has kidnapped a child. While Seymour goes to make a call from the telephone outside the hotel to ask for instructions, the Priest ends up with Darlene in the lobby at night wanting to take a bite. However, after a kind evening, Darlene ends up smashing a bottle on his head. Well, after he tried to use some kind of drug in her drink.

Seymour’s superiors told him not to get involved with the kidnapping, but he fears for the child, and he decides to knock on the hippie’s door. All seems well until he enters the room and the hippie shots him. The problem is that when she shots him, the shot goes through the mirror and catches Miles behind it. He was with the Priest, who ends up running. (And I’m not going to spoil why the Priest was there with Miles).

bad times at the el Royale, chris Hemsworth, Thor, depepi,, review

If you think this can’t get crazier than this, wait until Thor arrives at the hotel. The hippie has only kidnapped her own sister from a cult. And the boss of the said insane cult is the Hems. Billy Lee has a commune of children that follow him everywhere and do crazy stuff. The problem is that Lee is crazy, and he uses the kids for criminal purposes. And the second problem here is that the hippie’s sister, Rose, adores him. While Rose’s sister is trying to know what to do with Miles (she actually ties him up in the lobby of the hotel), Rose ends up phoning Lee and telling where they are.

By the time crazy Thor arrives at the El Royale, it’s raining cats and dogs, and everybody in the audience already knows that we’re set for drama and mayhem. Lee doesn’t come alone. He has a small army with him, and they all have guns. They take the Priest, the singer, the hippie, and Miles and, tied up, end up playing Lee’s game.

bad times at the el Royale, chris Hemsworth, Thor, depepi,, review

This movie is epic. You’ll forget the popcorn, and the drink beside you when the game starts. Lee is crazy, and so is Rose who is in love and repeating old traumas in her head. The hippie has balls, but she’s no match for the cult leader. The Priest is too old, the singer is fed up, Miles is weeping, and I’ll let you discover what happens next by yourself.

Acting in this movie is fantastic. Things are creepy, stressful, surprising, and incredibly shocking. The camera offers masterpieces on the screen. At times I thought I was staring at art instead of a film! And for the first time, you can feel what happens when Thor went crazy on Earth. Hemsworth plays a creepy villain. Seriously, I was shocked because I’m too used to see him in hero roles.

bad times at the el Royale, chris Hemsworth, Thor, depepi,, review

All in all, this was an incredible movie that surprised me genuinely. I wanted to see it because of the Hems and Jeff Bridges. I couldn’t be happier with my choice since this movie is pure art. (It does has bloody parts, and it’s shocking in many others, but it isn’t unbearably disgusting. So, if you’re afraid that you’ll see guts and stuff, don’t be. Surprises aren’t on the gore side, but on a well-made script.)

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