The Spy Who Dumped Me (Yay: Kate McKinnon)

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Today I took some me-time, and I saw The Spy Who Dumped Me. Going alone to the cinema can be relaxing. Doing it to watch a Kate McKinnon film can be hilarious. I like soft comedies, and I planned to have a great time. So, watching this film was a win-win. It’s not a great movie, but it’ll make you giggle a lot. Mila and Kate get into trouble when the ex-boyfriend of Mila returns to make things difficult. He’s a spy, and he wants Mila to complete his mission. Kate won’t leave her alone, so she goes with her. Mila incarnates Audrey, and Kate is Morgan Freeman. I’m not joking, her character is called Morgan Freeman. She’s quirky, insufferable, and has crazy ideas. She’s the perfect friend that will go until the gates of hell with you. I simply loved her.

SPOILERS: this post contains massive spoilers from this movie. If you want to laugh until your jaw falls on the floor, I recommend you to stop right here and watch the trailer. Then, go to the cinema.

Sam Heughan, our favorite Outlander, plays super hot spy Sebastian. He works for the MI6, and he’s on a mission to recover something that Audrey and Morgan have. Audrey’s ex-boyfriend dies in her apartment when he goes to retrieve something hidden in a hideous figurine he left at her home. He does so after she phones him and tells him that she’s going to fire his belongings. This was Morgan’s idea. So, he returns from a hazardous mission to die and set his ex-girlfriend and her best friend to a crazy mission. They have to contact someone in a cafe in Vienna.

So far, so good right? Before that happens, super hot Sebastian asks Audrey about her ex-boyfriend. She doesn’t know anything (she does) but ends up telling them where he’ll be (her apartment). So, is Sebastian a bad guy? So, she either trusts in Sebastian and probably ends up dead, or she goes to the coffee in Vienna, and she ends up dead.

the spy who dumped me, Kate makkinon, mila cunis, comedy, me time, depepi,, review

Morgan convinces Audrey to go to Vienna. At least, they’ll enjoy the city. So, they go to Vienna with nothing really. They had to buy the luggage at the airport because they had no clothes at all, just what they were wearing. When they’re finally sitting on the table of the cafe they have an epiphany. How is the contact ever know that they have the figurine? After overeating cake, Morgan goes to puke in the loo. At that moment, Sebastian appears and asks Audrey to give him the figure. There’s just a problem: he’s pointing her with a gun under the table. When Morgan re-appears, she yells that he’s not the contact. It turns out that the cafe is full of spies.

This is one of the best fighting scenes of the movie. Sebastian gets to kill tons of baddies, but also Audrey. Both friends flee because they don’t know who to trust. Puzzled, they decide to go to Prague, but not before they try to convince two other American travelers to give them their passports. They end up stealing them.

the spy who dumped me, Kate makkinon, mila cunis, comedy, me time, depepi,, review

If you think this can’t get weirder, you’re wrong. Morgan contacts her father to help her find somewhere to hide. The dad gives her the contact of a client he had time ago. And when they’re in his apartment, they get kidnapped. The baddies traced them thanks to the phone call Morgan made to her father. And now, her dad’s friend is pretty dead. They take both friends to an unknown location, and a super crazy model-killer tortures them to know the location of what was inside the figurine (a pen-drive). Audrey says that she flushed it down the toilet. They’re rescued by Sebastian, and they end up in the MI6 where Sebastian is suspended until further notice. He’s the one to drive them back to the station so that they can take a plane back home.

Audrey finally trusts Sebastian and tells her that she lied and that she hid the pen-drive in her vagina. As you can imagine, this is a very awkward scene, because she pulls it off the hidden place and gives it to him so that he can crack the code.

the spy who dumped me, Kate makkinon, mila cunis, comedy, me time, depepi,, review

Sebastian goes rogue and joins Audrey and Morgan in a mission to discover who wants the pen-drive. They hide first, and after dealing with Sebastian’s Harvard boss (who turned evil), they devise a plan to take the baddies. They need to pose as the Canadian Ambassador and his wife. So, they drug them, they take their identities, and they go to a very fancy party where they’ll make contact with the baddies. The funny thing is that there’s a show with the circus and Morgan is dying to try to do some crazy stuff. She finally does: she fights the model-killer, and the crazy thing is that the public thinks this is part of the show!

In the meanwhile, Audrey finds her ex-boyfriend who tries to mine her trust in Sebastian. It turns out the ex only wants the pen-drive. With the help of Morgan, they manage to take all the bad ones. Sebastian and Audrey are a couple, and Morgan is torturing the MI6 blonde boss so that she can work and be part of the team.

the spy who dumped me, Kate makkinon, mila cunis, comedy, me time, depepi,, review

Audrey, Sebastian, and Morgan end up being a team. They’re all spies who work for the greater good. What started as a crazy mission turns out to be their excellent jobs. They’re made for the job (at least in this movie). I laughed, and I was pleased with McKinnon’s performance. It’s not a great comedy, but it was what I needed to have some me-time. I loved the cliche of having two lost girls smashing everything and making the pro’s lives more complicated.

Don’t expect much more from this movie. It’s a comedy, it has romance, lots of action and crazy scenes. The gigs are funny, and the views of the different cities are also great. I had so many good memories of Vienna while watching the movie. That was fantastic!

the spy who dumped me, Kate makkinon, mila cunis, comedy, me time, depepi,, review

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