On the go: Blogging (and Writing) on an iPad Pro

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Blogging is a delight. However, when we’re on the go, it can become tricky. I was used to going up and down with my MacAir. However, as it grew older and slower, I had to take a different approach: an iPad Pro (with a magic keyboard). Working on an iPad Pro is way different from working on a computer. However, it’s light, and the magic keyboard is a delight.

Traveling and working at the same time can be challenging. Going up and down with a bulky computer plus your luggage is one of the hardest things ever when being mobile. However, shifting a bit on how you work, can make trips more manageable.

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The only thing that I’m missing at the moment is the mouse. I had to get used to using the pencil. However, after some days working with it, I managed to get way faster working on my iPad Pro. And this has been a blessing because being mobile needs something practical that doesn’t weigh you down.

This has allowed me to go around and write wherever I choose without needing to use a huge bag, and suffering because of weight. I must admit that I’m someone who goes around with some book in my bag as well, so having a light option for working is critical to enjoying a coffee outside while working on my iPad Pro.

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So, how do you know if this option is for you? It’ll all depend on how you use your laptop. You have to ask yourself some key questions that will help you understand how well or not your match with an iPad Pro will be.

  • Do you work on the go a lot? If so, do you work while on vacations? Do you work while taking a coffee somewhere? Do you travel a lot?
  • How do you use your computer? Do you program? If so, what languages do you use? Can you do your job on a tablet as well, or do you need a computer?
  • If you program but is light, and if your main focus is writing or creating art, would you be open to change a bit your working habits with the machine?

Depending on your answers, you’ll realize if working on a tablet is okay or not for you. Then, you can start making numbers to see if you can afford the beast. For me, the change has been fantastic. I’m more mobile than before, and I don’t complain about taking my iPad Pro in my bag.

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For me, even if my computer was mobile, the weight as an issue. Also, I like to do some digital art, and it’s not as simple on a computer as on a tablet. That’s why, many times I would end up staying at home for work, instead of going out and enjoy a change of environment.

Now, I’m confident, and I enjoy working in different places. I can do everything, and the only thing I need to check if it’s the venue has free wifi.

Bogging on an iPad Pro is a different experience, but it’s a refreshing one for me. I used to just go around with my iPad mini to write my books. But, blogging was troublesome in such a small screen. Now, I’m happy I made the change, and I’m so glad I can use my iPad Pro for everything.

When you’re on the go, what do you use? Do you travel with your computer in the bag, or do you choose something lighter?

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