[SPONSORED] Wootbox Cartoon June 2018 Unboxing

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June’s Wootbox was great! Wootbox Cartoon unboxing was a delight, especially because most of the featured cartoons are sweet. I’m not a fan of Rick and Morty, but I love Disney and Superheroes. Plus, I found BMO in the box as well! So, before I spoil all the contents, let’s talk about the box. The design wins all previous boxes by far. That’s why I decided to display the box along with some figurines. (You can take a look at the display below in one of the pictures.)

The fandoms featured were DC comics, South Park, Rick and Morty, Toy Story, Adventure Time, and Scooby Doo. I loved all the items, but one of them happens to be creepy. Batman has an excellent array of villains, but one, in particular, is crazy enough to pull the most disgusting joke ever. Discover who it is in the video (or continue reading).

The Joker is one of the most compelling Batman Villains. The figurine that came in the box is no joke. It’s from Batman, the Killing Joke. This is one of the creepiest and more sadistic Batman comics that are out there. In the Killing Joke, the Joker shoots Barbar Gordon in the stomach and paralyzes her. He kidnaps Commissioner Gordon, her father, to torture him mentally. He forces him to see pictures of his daughter lying down naked and in pain. The Joker uses Barbara to make a point: anyone can go insane and lose their moral compass. Barbara doesn’t die, but she’s constrained to a wheelchair.

The Killing Joke is a freakshow perfect for therapists and philosophers. However, it happens to be one of the comics that gives me the creeps. I also use it from time to time to see how comics fridge women in the most painful ways. The figurine depicts the Joker in this comic, and it’s delusional. Don’t get me wrong, the figurine is great. It just frightens me because I know what the comic is about.

So, this box had all these amazing items:

  • The Joker from the Killing Joke. As I said: it’s not a joke.
  • A South Park super soft towel. I’m not sure this one is Kenny, but it could be. I’m not a super fan of South Park, but I have a friend who loves Kenny. I bet she’s going to love my new towel. Nope, I won’t give it to anyone. It’s too soft, and I love soft things.
  • A Rick and Morty t-shirt. Not a fan of this cartoon either, but the tee is super cool. It’s somewhat weird that I like something that is polluting the Universe. Take a look at the drawing…
  • A Toy Story Alien Cookie Cutter! I love Toy Story, and yes, one of my favorite characters are the little three-eyed aliens. I would pick all them up! This cookie cutter comes in handy. I was planning to bake some cookies, and since I only had a rounded boring one, this little alien comes to my aid. Tea and cookies at home are going to look cute from now on.
  • A pin of BMO from Adventure Time. My forever growing pin collection has a super cute newcomer. BMO is just perfect!
  • The box! Take your time and turn it around, and you’ll get Scooby Doo’s funky van to keep in all your treasures. Since this box is so cute, I decided to display it along with other Wootbox treasures that I have. And yes, that includes creepy Joker. Don’t worry, some Marvel Superheroes are nearby, and they’ll keep him in check.

wootbox, wootbox june, wootbox march 2018, wootbox discovery, unboxing, depepi, depepi.com

wootbox, wootbox june, wootbox march 2018, wootbox discovery, unboxing, depepi, depepi.com

wootbox, wootbox june, wootbox march 2018, wootbox discovery, unboxing, depepi, depepi.com

All in all, this was a great box. Even if the Joker is spooky, the details and the likeliness to the one depicted in the Killing Joke is unmatchable. Plus, the figurine per se is super cartoonish. The next month the topic is Space. It features one of my favorite shows: Futurama! It also has Back to the Future, Star Wars, and Halo. I wonder if we’ll find Bender inside the box? Or maybe a DeLorean? Find out by getting your box here.

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