SOLO, a Star Wars Story. Review.

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After watching Deadpool 2 last Sunday, I saw SOLO a Star Wars Story. I went to the cinema with few expectations. Most of my friends had told me that the movie was bad; however, I enjoyed it greatly. It’s not like the other Star Wars movies, and happily there’ no Jar Jar Binks. Solo is a space western that explains how Han Solo came to be himself, and how he got his beloved ship. It also explains how he became friends with Chewie. You won’t find here great plots and weird heroics or dark sides. You will find smugglers, treason, slavery, romance, and tricksters. And of course, you’ll find the forever sexy Lando.

SPOILERS: this review has massive spoilers of the movie. I recommend you to give it a go and enjoy a highly entertaining Star Wars story in the cinema before reading further. I would bet you my ship, but I don’t have any.

SOLO, han solo, solo a star wars story, star wars, reviews, depepi,, review, lando

We start the movie with Han and Qi’ra, his girlfriend, trying to escape Corellia. They’re slaves there, and unless they can escape, their fate is grim. Forever working for their mistress, and facing death every day, Han dreams of being a pilot. When he comes across coaxium, he and Qi’ra try to escape. Alas, only Han is able to do it. He has to leave Qi’ra behind until he can rescue her. Because he has no papers, he enlists in the Empire army, and the officer gives him the surname Solo. So, he becomes Han Solo.

During three years he battles for nothing. On one of the battles, he comes across a bunch of thieves. Beckett and his team are stealing from the Imperial Army, and he wants to flee. So, he offers himself to them, but they give them away to his, and they treat him for treason. Then, they put him in a cell where a monster will kill him. The monster turns out to be Chewie. After some fight, they become friends, and they escape. They go to Beckett’s ship. They finally get in and become members of the smuggler group.

SOLO, han solo, solo a star wars story, star wars, reviews, depepi,, review

Beckett and his team have the plan to steal coaxium from the Imperial army at an isolated location. However, plans go astray, and the team loses the pilot and Val. Val is the badass girlfriend of Beckett, and she could have given more to the film. In my opinion, she was wasted too early with a mediocre death. We get to see Beckett mourn a bit, but soon he’s all by himself again.

It turns out that Beckett promised the coaxium to Dryden, his boss. Unless he delivers or has an excellent plan to deliver he’ll be in trouble. Solo and Chewie go along with him, and there he meets with Qi’ra again. It looks like she’s committed with Dryden. Han only sees the good in her, but if she’s working for Dryden there’s more to her than meets the eye, and it isn’t that good.

To steal the coaxium from the location they’ve promised to Dryden, they need a ship. So, they go in search of Lando, who will probably say no. Han plays his cards with him and loses because Lando cheats in the game. He agrees to help them after Beckett promises him 20% of gains.

At first, Han and Lando don’t come that along. Lando is an excellent pilot, and Han wants to be a pilot, and he gets in love with Lando’s ship. This is just trouble and is set to be fun during the movie.

SOLO, han solo, solo a star wars story, star wars, reviews, depepi,, review

Lando owns a feminist droid called L3-37. She’s cool, and she is in love with Lando. Their dynamics are super cool. L3-37 ends up creating a rebellion in the mines where they steal the coaxium. Her ways of freeing all the droids there are just astonishing. The only downfall is that she dies in battle. Lando is devastated. He goes back for her, thing that leaves Han astonished.

Because the Imperial Army is behind them, they need to come with a plan to escape. The problem is that where they’re located is super tricky to navigate. Lando is harmed, and the only good navigation system is in L3-37’s head. So, they take her brains and merge her with the ship. In a sense, now she’s with the ship. Not that this makes Lando feel any better. They’re running for their lives, and he’s letting a nobody (Solo) pilot his ship. Lando is in total panic!

And, they make it thanks to the pilot abilities that Solo has. The ship has some scratches that need massive fixing. Just in the same way, the heroes will have to come to terms with Beckett and Qi’ra’s treason. First, Beckett sells them to Dryden to get free and far from a smuggler team that’s pestering him for ages. It turns out to be kids trying to fuel the revolution against the Empire. Qi’ra makes Han believe that she’s coming with them, but what she does is saving Solo but returning to the Empire. She leaves him there despite having the opportunity to become a nobody along with him.

SOLO, han solo, solo a star wars story, star wars, reviews, depepi,, review, lando

Han and Chewie end up somewhere in the Galaxy where Lando is playing cards again. And this is when Han wins the ship. I felt that it had to be the first time they played cards, but this way felt more real. Lando cheats, and Han didn’t know that. He started the movie being too innocent. As the film progresses, he’s been disappointed by everyone except Chewie. This movie was excellent to understand Han Solo and also to see how Chewie stood by his side no matter what.

As I said, this isn’t a super fantastic movie, but it isn’t crap. Instead, it’s a highly entertaining escape western with lots of action, feelings, and a great feminist droid. Plus, I won’t lie to you: we get to enjoy all the greatness of Lando and his capes.

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