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If you’re a fan of kawaii, then you’re going to love Blippo Kawaii Surprise Bag. Unboxing it was a delight. This is perfect for kawaii fans, cosplayers, and kids. The bag was small, but it came super packed with lots of cute items. If you love kawaii goods, or if you want to surprise your children, this is the perfect gift. I thought I would get a plastic bag with items in it, but I got a cloth one with lots of goodies. When I tried to put the items back inside, I couldn’t manage to do it!

The bag came with a small cute card with the name of the packer and his avatar. Mo did a good job packing the bag. He’s a Superpacker! I have no idea how he managed to do it, but he’s king! Also, the variety of goods was nice. From fashion to summertime, to writing materials. In short: the perfect gift.

NOTE: you can find the giveaway widget at the end of this post. If you want to see how cool the unboxing experience was, take a look at the video first.

I got 17 different items including the bag. You can use the kawaii bag for keeping your books from getting damaged inside your bag. I usually walk around with a book in my bag. Before using bags like this, my books ended up destroyed. The size works for novel-size books and manga.

I got beauty items, like the Helly Kitty beauty scissors, the pocket mirror, the pink nail polish, and the hair decoration. The panda eyes are also super cute. I needed something like that to keep sleeping despite the sunlight outside. I’ve been fortunate since I wanted something exactly like that.

I also got DIY items, like the stickers, and the queen tiara. Now, I know what you’re going to say, “the tiara?” It’s very simple, and it has a perfect shape to work on it. You can either stick shiny stickers, like the ones provided, or you can even make something cool with crochet. The possibilities are endless!

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Because it’s summer, I also got a fan with soda a soda can shape, and a cupcake ventilator. The cupcake was my favorite item. I saw small electrical fans like this in Japan, but this one is super cute, and it’s powered by your hand, which is better. So, when I go to the beach next time, I’m going to have this super kawaii cupcake in my bag!

Also, decorations for your bag. The pink bear and the soda pop badge are perfect for summertime bags. And if you add the coin purse to the pot, even better.

And finally, two happy sets. One is a writing set that has stickers, a small writing pad, and a pen. The other set is a jumping rope with very funky colors.

blippo, blippo.com, blippo kawaii surprise bag, fukubukuro, lucky bag, unboxing, giveaway, depepi, depepi.com

As I said, this is a perfect gift for kawaii lovers, cosplayers, and kids. If you’re a mom who loves kawaii goods, this is just perfect. Or if you love kawaii cosplays and pinkish lolita styles, this comes in handy to get creative with all the products.

You have the opportunity to get a bag like this one thanks to the generosity of Blippo. You have 16 different ways to enter into this giveaway using the widget below. By entering this giveaway, you acknowledge that you are an adult, or that you have the permission of your parents. Blippo will send the price to the winner. It also means that the information you give through the widget will go to Blippo, not dePepi. Please, be aware of that. You can find Blippo’s privacy policy here. This giveaway uses a Gleam widget. You can find Gleam’s privacy policy here. If you need more information about dePepi’s privacy policy, please go here.

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Ah, the more you share, the more chances you get to win a bag like this one. Stay kawaii, enjoy the fun, and let me know what item caught your eye in comments. Good luck!

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