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The vocabulary of fandom gets omnipotent with the letter O. I should have finished this post before this week, but since we had to visit the doctor, it was impossible. Don’t worry, since everything is okay. I guess the letter o gave us good luck. Let’s start!

Oh noes!: is a sarcastic statement used to the point that the person who is panicking is doing it out of proportion.

OMG: is an acronym for “oh, my God.” It’s used as a surprise.

OMGWTFBBQ: is a combination of three acronyms: “Oh, my God,” “what the fuck…?” and “barbeque.” It’s used as a surprised exclamation at something odd. It could just be translated as “oh, my goodness this is super odd.”

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OOC: is the acronym for “out of character.” This only means that the characterization used by the author doesn’t follow canon. In games, it means that the person is speaking as themselves instead of the character they’re trying to roleplay.

OC: means “original character,” and it refers to a non-canon character written into the story. It can have any gender or be a Mary-Sue, or Mary-Stu.

OFC: is the acronym for “original female character.” It could be a Mary-Sue, but it’s not necessary.

OMC: is the acronym for “original male character.” It could be a Mary-Stu, but it’s not necessary.

Omake: is a scene or story that have meta-fic outtakes in a central fiction piece. They tend to be humorous and also manage to break the fourth wall by having the characters interact with the authors and/or the readers. Characters can even be aware of being fictional. This word has its origins in anime fandoms.

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Omegaverse: is a trope and yaoi sub-genre. It has alphas, betas, omegas as sub gender in the story. Females and males can be either alphas, omegas or betas. Alphas are at the top of the social pyramid, while omegas are at the lowest. There can be mpreg (male pregnancy), sexual abuse, BDSM, and stories can have many kinks. Many times these stories are written as an analogy of how society treats women, and the double standards placed on them. You can read about some examples of this yaoi manga genre here and here.

Oneshot: is a single story that can be understood on its own. It has a beginning and an end, and it doesn’t need a previous story for its existence. They usually have no continuation, and many times these stories have only one chapter.

OP: is an acronym for “original poster.” It’s the first person to start a thread about a certain topic. In anonymous story memes, an OP is a person who makes a prompt in the hopes that an author will pick it up and make it happen.

O RLY: is the acronym for “oh, really?” and it’s used sarcastically to belittle someone’s opinion.

OT: means “off topic.” If a post isn’t relevant to a conversation, it can be labeled as OT.

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Otaku: means “house” in Japanese. However, this word is used for geeks or nerds. In English-speaking countries, it points at anime fans. In Japanese, otaku has a very negative meaning. Picture the worst image you can have in your head about a geek or nerd in Japan, and you might get it. Otakus usually have no personal life other than their obsessions. The equivalent in the US is a fat nerd playing games in the basement of his parent’s house.

OTP: means “one true pairing.” It can be an author’s or a fan’s favorite ship within a particular fandom. There are also OT3 (triplet). An author or a fan can have more than one OTP.

Outsider (POV) or Outside Point of View: are stories that are written from the perspective of a non-major character. These secondary characters’ point of view is what fuels the story and gives a different perspective to the reader.

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