The Vocabulary of Fandom: N

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The vocabulary of fandom gets somehow neat with the letter N. Although naughty words can also start with N, the reality is that this letter is quite a newbie.

NaNoWriMo: stands for National November Writing Month. Every year in November, people around the world commit themselves in writing a novel during thirty days. It’s a great achievement, and it’s a hard one. But, it’s gratifying. So, give it a shot if you can.

Nazi: a suffix that refers to a person with obsessive behavior about some fandom elements. For example, a “grammar-nazi” is someone who is obsessed with the use of language. Or, a “canon-nazi” is someone who cannot accept deviations from canon. This was originally an insult, but many “Nazis” like the described above have taken the flag with pride.

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NC-17: is the strongest rating for a fanfic story. It points at the story having explicit sex or violence. You must be 18 years old or older to read these stories.

Netspeak (or chatspeak): are abbreviations and shorthands with no regarding grammar, punctuation, or proper spelling. Netspeak is okay in chatrooms. However, using it on message boards or fan fiction is unforgivable.

Newbie: are new fans, authors or readers. In short, someone who is relatively new to a particular fandom, and they don’t know all the ins and outs of it or the words that the others use.

Non-con: is short for non-consensual. It refers to the presence of non-consensual sexual relationships in a story. They can be described graphically, or implied, and it can go as far as rape. This should be listed in the author’s warnings because it can be a squick for many people.

Not!fic: are stories that aren’t completely written as a novel. They might have dialogues, author’s notes, and even supporting documents. These stories tend to be short and messy. You can find tons of these on Tumblr. Some authors use Not!fics as a way of planning longer stories. Maybe they need some feedback from their followers, or maybe they’re just sharing their ideas before starting to write.

Not-bob: is a troll with a grudge against a particular person or fandom. Not-bobs tend to be anonymous creepsters that choose an ID that identifies how much they hate their target. This term appeared first in a LiveJournal community dedicated to Harry Potter Mary-Sues, Pottersues. The Not-bob claimed to be friends of the author who had written the fic piece. However, she wasn’t and joined the group under the name of “antipottersues.” After pestering the community for some weeks, she left without accomplishing anything but being a pain for the fans.

Novella: are longer stories that have around 30K words. Depending on the fandom, the minimum word number changes, but generally, a novella is shorter than a novel but still long enough.

NSFW: is an acronym for not safe for work. You can see it on my yaoi manga reviews quite often. This acronym warns about content that is sexually explicit or is inappropriate to read in public, especially if you’re at the office and reading on your job’s computer.

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