The Vocabulary of Fandom: K & L

The vocabulary of fandom gets kinky thanks to the letter K. Despite its appeal, K can be quite inquisitive. On the other hand, L attracts lurkers. These two letters have a short list of words, that’s why I decided to do the same as last week. Instead of listing just a short list with one letter, I decided to have both of them in one post. Enjoy the ride!

Kidfic: it refers to fanfiction where the main characters are kids. It’s possible that the main characters are starring the fic as kids. Or it could be that the stars are the kids of a canon couple. Whatever the case, the story is central to them being kids, their own kids, or a random kid.

Kink: refers to unusual elements in the fic. They can be sexual in nature. There vary from mild (PG-13) to the extreme (NC-17). Kinks should always be listed in the author’s warnings since they can become a squick easily. Kinks include certain tropes, so be careful before uploading your fic somewhere. Check if there’s something that could put your readers off.

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Kinkmeme: are anonymous writing festivals where people can post story prompts, kink requests, etc. Authors can fulfill them if they want. Because they’re anonymous, it allows people to go public with kinks that they might have in mind. Be aware that not all kinks are sexual. It could be something as simple as taking icecream together.

Knotting: is a kink trope where one member of the sexual pairing has animal sexual traits that lock them together. For example, if the character has a gland in the penis that swallows and gets stuck when in use, then you’re in front of knotting. This can be easily found in the Omegaverse, or stories related to animals. For example, stories involving werewolves could have this sort of trope.

Kripked: are stories or ideas conceived by fans and then becoming canon. It could happen naturally, or because there was some type of influence. This is the opposite of Jossed.

Leet/1337: is short for “elite,” and it means exclusive or very special. It’s also an abbreviation for leetspeak/13375p34k.

Leetspeak/13375p34k/ Haxxor: is a method of typing that changes numbers for letters in a way that the reader will understand if the reader puts some effort into it. It was invented as a way to keep hackers away. It became famous thanks to the webcomic “Megatokyo.” It’s mostly used ironically.

Lemon: refers to the graphic presence of sexual content in a fiction piece. Lemons are more vanilla than hentai porn, but they can still be quite graphical. This term is used mostly in anime fandoms. Lemons are usually rated NC-17. This word comes from a pornographic anime called “Cream Lemon.”

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Lime: refers to light or mild sexual content in fic stories. It’s usually rated PG-13.

Limp!: is an extreme type of whump story where a character is so badly hurt and abused that they cannot defend themselves. Sometimes another character will be there to care for the limp!

LOC: acronym for “letter of comment.” It’s a short message of appreciation. When readers like an author, they can write LOCs to cheer them up. This term is ancient so it might be rare to find it on nowadays fandoms.

LOL: acronym for “laughing out loud.” If a joke gets a LOL comment, it might be that the joke isn’t that good.

Lurker: is a reader who doesn’t comment, posts, nor interacts at all. Lurkers are like ghosts: they’re there, in the background, lurking around without doing much. They just read, absorb all the information, and keep quiet in the shadows.

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