The Vocabulary of Fandom: I & J

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The vocabulary of fandom gets interesting with the letter I. It’s the letter of imagination, incest, and interaction. Although it might seem innocent, the letter I can bring more ill results than any other. However, it isn’t an intense letter, nor a vast one. Letter J has a short list as well. So, I decided to write words starting with I and J together on this list. Enjoy!

IAWTC: is short for “I agree with that comment.”

IC: is short for in-character. When an author uses a description of a character that’s close to canon standards. Even if there’re some changes, these will be minimal.

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IIRC: is an acronym that means “if I recall correctly.”

Imagine: is a new type of fanwork written in second person. It allows the author and the reader to imagine themselves in the scene. The point of view isn’t identified clearly, so this allows authors and readers to explore certain fantasies. They might be as innocent as spending an afternoon in a park with the character, or as spicy as having sex with them. Imagine originated in bandoms on Tumblr, and it has spread to other fandoms ever since.

IMHO: is short for “in my humble opinion.”

Incest: happens when there’s a romantic and sexual relationship between members of the same family. It can be consented or abusive. There are sub-genres, like the twincest (incest between twins), which is very common in fanfiction but also in yaoi manga. This can be a squick, so it should be listed in the author’s warnings.

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Internets/ Intarweb: are intentional mistakes in writing “internet.” These are used sarcastically.

Jossed: refers to stories or ideas that are intended to be canonical, but for some reason, they don’t. For example, the canon material ended up in a different path. This word comes from the name Joss Whedon, who twisted Buffy’s canon so much, that fanfic writers had a hard time catching up.

Japananimation: is a synonym for anime, Japanese animation. This word isn’t used a lot. In fact, many fans take it as degrading. So, be careful if you decide to use it.

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