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The vocabulary of fandom gets naughty with the letter H. Although H seems a letter without much force, the reality is that it can surprise greatly.

H (read Etchi or ecchi): is a Japanese slang word that means naughty, sexy, or dirty. It also means “sexy play,” and it’s often used for sex. Manga and anime that are H contain sexual scenes, usually playful with different degrees of naughtiness. Ecchi is how you read the letter H in Japanese.

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H/C (hurt/comfort): refers to the presence of emotional or physical angst of a character, and the emotional or physical comfort of another. Said in other words, a character gets physically or mentally abused by another, and then the one who hurts is the one who brings the victim back to health. Good H/C stories are balanced. If a story isn’t stable, it can fall into the categories of Angst or Whump.

HEA: short for happily ever after. It refers to stories where the characters find a happy ending by the end of it.

Headcanon: is also known as “personal canon.” It refers to the personal interpretations that authors or readers make of a story. Headcanon is most of the time not official since it’s a product of the imagination of a reader or a fanfiction author. However, some headcanons can get so famous, that they can even be adopted by most of the fandom. In some cases, they can even make it into the big screen (like Captain Swan).

Heat cycle: happens when a character undergoes a mating cycle. For example, in the Omegaverse, omegas produce a very sweet smell for mating alphas. In extreme cases, the heat is so huge that characters need to mate to make it disappear. And, in the case of Omegaverse, males can also get pregnant. Many stories also have kink flavors, but not all of them.

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HHJJ: short of happy happy joy joy. It refers to stories that have no angst at all, and that has a happy ending. These stories tend to be very fluffy.

Healing cock: is a piece of fan fiction where love and/or sex is presented as a magical cure for all the troubles of someone. Stories can be heterosexual or homosexual.

Hentai: is a genre in Japanese manga or anime where there is graphic or explicit sexual content. The contents can be heterosexual or homosexual in nature, and go from kink to tentacle porn. It’s always rated as NC-17, and it can be a squick for many people. That’s why it should appear on the author’s warnings at the beginning of the story.

Het: is short for heterosexual relationship, and it designs a genre in fanfiction where the romance happens between a male and a female.

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Hiatus: is when a show stops for some weeks or months between seasons or over holidays. Writers of fan fiction and books might also need hiatus. Hiatus prevents them from burning out and disappearing into the void.

HSAU: is an acronym that means “high school alternate universe.” HSAU stories depict characters as high school students.

Humor: it’s a genre about funny and amusing stories. Humor can be either the main point of the story or a by-product of it.

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