I got a Sunshine Blogger Award! Yay!

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A Geeky Gal gave me a Sunshine Blogger Award. This award is a peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity, joy, warmth and any other emotions that you feel when the sun graces you. The rules are straightforward:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and links back to their blog. A Geeky Gal gave me a great surprise with this nomination. I didn’t expect it at all. So, you can imagine how happy I am! Thank you for thinking of me.
  • Answer the 10 questions the blogger asked you. Don’t worry, you can find all my answers below.
  • Nominate 10 new blogs to receive the award and write them 10 new questions. Find them after my answers.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

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And now, I’ll answer the questions that A Geeky Gal gave me. Since I’m not exactly a gamer, I decided to bend them. So, don’t get surprised if you ask about Super Mario and I answer about intergalactic travel.

1. What game are you currently playing?

I like to play TsumTsum on my iPhone. However, my favorite games are Monument and Monument 2. I’ve already passed them, but I come back to them again and again because they’re beautiful. But, I’m mostly preparing myself for Dungeons and Dragons. We still have no DM, but I have fun creating characters for no reason. I decided to use some for my book, but I’ve designed a lot of them just for fun.

2. What game you’re most looking forward to?

I’m not looking forward to any in particular, but I saw Very Brittish Problems, the board game, and I want it. I know it’s a weird game, but that’s the point. Plus I want to laugh.

3. What is your favorite game of last year?

I’m pretty sure it was already released for ages, but I loved Odin’s Ravens. It’s a simple tabletop game where you control one of the Ravens. The first one to travel all the realms wins. It might look simple, but it can be tricky thanks to the aid of Loki. I loved the game a lot!

4. What would you change about your favorite franchise?

I’m into the Marvel Universe. The movies thrill me, but also the shows, and comics. The thing is, I’d like to see some sort of Thorki going on. The trick would be seeing Loki’s shapeshifting techniques, so he can literally be whoever he wants. Or, she wants. Because in the comics Loki changes gender when he sees it fit. But well, I guess this is something that will forever remain in the realms of fan fiction.

5. What game has influenced you creatively? Writing, drawing, etc.

Books and comics influence me as much as movies. A Court of Thorns and Roses has influenced me a lot, but also has the Thor movies, and Loki in particular. Games are not really sources of inspiration for me. The only thing that has recently been playing a huge role in my creativity has been D&D.

6. What games do you have multiple copies of?

I don’t own multiple copies of any game. But I have a great collection of different editions of Alice in Wonderland. I’ve been buying them for years now, and every time I see a new cute publication, I feel compelled to buy it. And every time I do so, I also end up re-reading the book. I must be mad as a hatter.

7. How do you usually spend a lazy evening?

Chilling along with Netflix or reading a book. It’s always one of these two. If it rains, it’s very likely that I’ll end up with a book and sip some tea.

8. How many countries have you been to?

I’ve been in 9 different countries and lived for a long time in three of them. Japan will remain my favorite, and also my dearest, but I also loved Australia, and now the UK.

9. What was your favorite TV show when you were a child?

Star Trek TNG. I would watch it with my mother. In fact, she’s the reason I entered the Star Trek fandom. We would sit on our biggest sofa, and watch the episodes with some snack.

10. What was the very first game you ever beat?

Street Fighter? I actually don’t remember, but I do remember enjoying turning my friend to dust playing Street Fighter at his place. I know, it’s cruel, but it was fun.

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Time to nominate ten bloggers!

I know there are more than ten, but it was so difficult to choose, that I decided to bend the rules. I’m supposed to think about ten questions, so here I go.

  1. Which of these houses do you belong to and why? Slotherin, Ravenpaw, Hufflepug, or Gryffinboar.
  2. What do you think you would find on the Snapechat?
  3. What pop singer do you prefer Cat Cobain, David Meowie, or Purrince? Why?
  4. What character plays Harrison Bored in Star Mars?
  5. Who is your favorite Star Meow character? Catmander William Riker, Doganna Troi, Catmander Data, Catain Jean-Luc Picard, Geordi La Paw, or Lieutenant Woof? Why?
  6. What coffee best describes your personality?
  7. What would you do if you faced a giant fly right now?
  8. And if the giant fly was Jeff Goldblum?
  9. Cthulhu is in love with you. Would you reject his tentacles? (I know, this one is naughty)
  10. Loki tricks you. How?

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