The Vocabulary of Fandom: G

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The vocabulary of fandom gets grandiose with the letter G. Although letter G cannot make you gasp, it can be somewhat gullible. Let’s take a look at what geeky words letter G gives to us.

Gen/ genfic: It’s a category of stories where there’s no romance nor sex. I might some implied pairings, or even relationships but these are purely accidental. It might have mild or wild violence with some foul language.

Genderswap (-bender/ -flip): are stories where a character of a gender transforms into the other gender. It can be by sex change that happens in the fiction story, or it can be by magic, etc. It can be unexpected, surprising, temporary, permanent, or even a game. Or it can be a set of stories where a male character is just written as a female character.

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Genre: is the type of literary theme of a story. For example drama, horror, fantasy, science fiction, etc.

Gijinka: or anthropomorphic. These are stories featuring inanimate objects, animals, or concepts as humans. The author gives them human-like attributes, feelings, etc.

GIP: means “gratuitous icon post.” A GIP is a post that gives no content nor contributes at all to the conversation. Instead, the author just wants to show the avatar or icon of his/her profile.

Grimdark: are stories with horrible, violent, and depressing settings that almost never have any happy moments. They might include dystopian futures or post-apocalyptic scenarios.

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Godwin’s Law: states that the more an argument online goes on, the more likely is that someone in either side will compare people of the other side to Hitler or the Nazi regime. Nowadays it just means that the person who used Godwin’s Law just lost the argument because the person overreacted. People refer to this individual as the one who “invoked” or “broke” Godwin’s Law.

Gush/ gushing: is the opposite of bashing. A gusher loves and praises something so much that he/she will go on until the rest of people are sick of it. Gushers are less annoying than those who bash. However, you might meet one someday.

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