Happy Pi Day! March 14

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Happy Pi day! It’s time to eat some pie and celebrate “π.” But, why celebrate Pi today? The number is infinite, irrational, and it never repeats the pattern. That’s precisely what makes it so unique. Plus, thanks to phonetics, Pi shares the same tune as Pie. So, why not eating sweets today to celebrate the infinite number?

Now, there can be far more reasons to celebrate Pi day than just being a fan of mathematics. If you’re a fan of Supernatural, you might think that this is also Dean’s day. How many pies do you feel he’d engulf today?

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Perhaps you will tune better with Regina, the Evil Queen of Once Upon a Time. She’s all about apple pies. I bet she’d be happy to celebrate this day with the world. Fear not, since she’s not into the cursing business anymore, you’d be fine eating her pies. If you’re more interested in giving it a try yourself, you can find the recipe here.

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Another way to celebrate it is to try to memorize and recite as many pi decimals as possible. The unofficial record holder is Akira Haraguchi, who was able to quote 100K decimal places. Or perhaps, learning Pilish, the language of Pi, might be another way to rock the day. Pilish uses numbers of letters in successive words to match the digits of pi. For example, now (three) I (one) read (four).

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If you’re curious, it was Larry Shaw who launched pi-partying back in 1988 in San Francisco’s Exploratorium Science Museum. The staff of the center would have a circular parade with a similar diameter of Pi. However, we didn’t start celebrating Pi every March 14 until the House of Representatives of the US passed Resolution 224 to increase interest in maths back in 2009.

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But perhaps the best way to celebrate pi is to enjoy it while remembering the decimals. If you’re sporty, why not running for 3.14 km? Or maybe walking the dog for the same distance wearing the Pi symbol somewhere? Or perhaps, what about drinking 3.14 beer pints? (That would be a challenge, believe me).

Perhaps, you prefer a more straightforward way: eating pie on your coach and sharing all about Pi online. How are you celebrating Pi Day?

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