Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Teaser

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Solo: A Star Wars Story official teaser premiered, and all I can think is about Lando. Although I’m not sure about the film yet, there are some parts of the teaser trailer that are thrilling. First, we get to know how the crew of smugglers met. We also get to know more about Han Solo and his adventures when he was young. And, we also have the Mother of Dragons messing around.

Jokes aside, the movie seems right, but perhaps not as flashy as other Star Wars movies. I just hope that the film will impress me as much as Lando in a fur coat!

The teaser hints at the Dark side, but also at comedy moments. I love action, but I also like comedy relief if we have too much drama. I’m in love with all the Star Wars movies lately; I just hope that Solo delivers as much as the other movies in the franchise.

That being said, I’ll be happy if Lando changes fashion during the movie and delivers quick sass. Plus, if Funko Pop creates a Lando in fur coat Pop, I’ll be buying it for sure.

Because we know that Solo ends up with Leia, it’s easy to think about this film as being fun. However, I’m not sure about it at all. The reason is simple: the teaser hasn’t given much. I know that Solo wants to be a pilot, that he ends up being a smuggler, and that Lando rocks. I still have no clue about that Space Kraken though.

All in all, it seems like Solo: A Star Wars Story promises excellent doses of entertainment. As for the fashion, I just hope that someone replicates that Lando coat. Seriously, Lando is possibly the best part of the teaser trailer.

solo, han solo, star wars, solo a star wars story, depepi,, reviews, disney

What did you think of the teaser? And Lando? Who do you think is the Mother of Dragons in the Star Wars Universe?

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