Why the MCU Works and DC’s Universe is a Mess

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I saw on Twitter a video that made me think about the real reason why the MCU works and DC’s Universe is a mess. An artist draws Spidey in 10 minutes, 1 minute, and 12 seconds. The 10-minute drawing is impressive, while the 1-minute one is crappy. However, the 12-seconds one is a mess.

While the MCU has around 16 movies already out there, creating an entire Universe, DC tried to catch up all of a sudden with only five films. While Marvel has been paving the path for better movies during years, DC comics are trying to catch up in a crappy way.

Even if DC has more films coming soon, it feels that everything is done in 12 seconds. The Joker’s origin movie is around the corner, and so is Harley and Mr. J. We also have Aquaman, and Suicide Squad 2. The DCEU needs to keep it cool and correctly create their own Universe or it will continue being a total mess.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Marvel, with years preparing the path of creating a new formula that almost everybody likes. Although I already talked about why the MCU works, I haven’t realized that effort pays off. We tend to think about Marvel and DC as both starting the whole thing quite at the same time, but that’s a false idea.

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It’s been years since Marvel started building little by little the MCU. It’s true that the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t perfect. However, their effort is paying off. Not only they’ve found a formula that many fans love, but also they’ve been able to create what feels like an entire reality where Superheroes live and chase villains.

On the other hand, we have DC. They realized about how well Marvel was doing, and they jumped into the spree of creating a Universe. However, starting later and trying to do everything in a short time is the key to get things messy. It’s true that films like Wonder Woman are a masterpiece, but DC is still failing to create the DCEU.

Perhaps that’s why DC keeps failing me. I’m already too used to the Marvel formula. Marvel movies have been around for a longer time. Also, they have created their Universe persistently and slowly. It took years, but the results are staggering.

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I’m a Marvel fan, so my opinion might be biased. However, I do feel like the short video explains it way better than my words. You cannot have the same results if you work on something a long time or a short time. A ten-minute drawing of Spidey is way better than 12 seconds one.

So, I’m up to take notes from the MCU. Work hard, persist, and never think for a second to give up. If you start doing things in a rush, you’ll get a crappy Spidey!

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