Marvel new Loki YA novel will be pure Queer Mischief

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Marvel is going to publish a Loki YA novel where Loki is Queer as hell. It might sound like fantastic news, but, spoiler alert: Loki was already Queer in Norse Mythology. In Loki Agent of Asgard, Loki is genderfluid, and he is pansexual as well. This is excellent news since villains rarely get their stories in books. Starting with Loki is pure mischief! I couldn’t be happier. But, as you might be thinking: not everybody is happy (trolls, go back to your caves.)

Mackenzi Lee, author of The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue [The Book Depository], a historical novel about a rebellious bisexual English rogue, is in charge of the feat. Loki is perfect for starting the series of ya novels. It’s just about time that LGBTQ+ is represented in every aspect of Superhero narratives.

Disney has ignored Loki’s sexuality in the movies. So, it’s amazing to find out they’ll let Lee write a Queer Loki in the upcoming novel. I just hope we’ll see all the greatness of Loki in the pages of Lee, just as we can enjoy in Marvel comics, and Norse Mythology.

Loki brought tons of controversy back in 2013 when Al Ewig, one of the authors of Loki Agent of Asgard, stated that he’s queer and gender fluid on paper. While some people were over-the-moon happy because he was finally queer in comics, others where throwing their hands to the heavens. Some because they cannot fathom any character being queer, others because Loki is the God of Mischief.

Despite all the drama, Tom Hiddleston was eager to play him as queer. Now, I’m just exited that we can see Loki as such in a novel that’s based on the comics. Although I admit I expect some more drama in the following months, I couldn’t be happier about the book!

This is what we know so far, according to Lee’s tweets. And no, there’s no extra information about who the other villains will be.

There’s just one problem: Loki’s novel won’t hit the markets until spring 2019. That’s a super long time to wait for it. But, don’t despair, here you have some Loki books and comics to enjoy the wait. You can also search for some fan fiction. Loki has always been Queer as hell in the fan fiction and fan art realms.

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  • The Gospel of Loki [The Book Depository]. If you want to laugh until you cannot feel your jaw, this is the perfect book for you. Joanne M. Harris brings the Norse God to life in a smart way. Odin won, and wrote the stories from his point of view. Loki has returned to explain what really happened. Trust him, but don’t trust cows, relatives, lovers or friends.
  • Loki’s Saga [The Book Depository]. This is another take on Loki’s life and adventures. And yes, it’s Loki himself to explain what happened and how the Gods wronged him.
  • Loki: Journey into Mystery [The Book Depository]. A comic where we can see how Kid Loki and Old Loki and Teen Loki interact. Yes! There’re at least two different versions of Loki trying to stop being tricksters. Or change for the better somehow. Will Asgardians let them?
  • Loki: Agent of Asgard [The Book Depository]. This is by far my favorite of the Loki comics that I’ve read. Here the God of Mischief and Lies becomes an Agent of Asgard. In the hopes of change, he’ll even transform into a unicorn!
  • Vote Loki [The Book Depository]. This comic book will show how Loki can be more Loki and trick you reading a comic about politics and have fun with it. This comic book was published when Trump and Hilary Clinton were fighting to become President of the US.

Do you need some more Loki to make the waiting bearable? You can find more on Loki on this blog.

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