FairyLoot December 2017: Oh So Regal

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FairyLoot December box was the perfect Xmas bookish box. Oh, So Regal had many surprises, including a delightful Pop figurine. You could get one of the six random Pops related to Disney princesses topic of the box. I’m thrilled with what the box had. Although this box wasn’t as spectacular as November’s one, the quality, care, and high standard of this box is difficult to replicate. Fairyloot rocks.

As you can see in the video, I’m delighted with all the swag I got. And, I also took the opportunity to try the famous Brittish Xmas Pudding. English are crazy about their Xmas pudding. You can find it virtually everywhere, but there are different qualities of pudding depending on the brand and the months it has been matured. It seems all quite complicated to me, to be honest. However, the Xmas dessert is quite unique in taste, and I must admit that it’s not for everyone. Maybe it’s the strong flavor of alcohol, or perhaps it might be the raisins. Whatever the case, chocolate will always remain my favorite.

So, what did Oh So Regal have that thrilled me so much?

  • A Full Size Pop! I love Pops, so I’ll get super happy if I get a surprise one, especially if there’re different surprise options. I got Ariel, the little mermaid. Other people got Simba, Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Jasmine, or Tiana. How cool is that?
  • An exclusive Virtuous & Fair Zip Pouch designed by Miss Phi. It features a quote from No Fear, by William Shakespeare. It has been a while since we got any pouches in the boxes, so I was super happy getting one.
  • An exclusive candle from A Court of Candles. I got Prince Aladdin, but there were also other options. You could get Prince Charming, Prince Adam, or Prince Eric.
  • An exclusive, powerful notebook from Stella’s Bookish Art. It’s the perfect size for my bag! I love when boxes save me from going to the store. I needed a new notebook, and here’s a powerful one. Lucky me!
  • An exclusive enamel keychain by Fiction Tea Designs. We all know books rule, but it’s better when you remind that to everyone with this rad keychain.
  • And finally, Everless [The Book Depository] [Waterstones] by Sara Holland and a signed bookplate. The book design it’s incredible. And the book smells like it’s going to provide hours of sheer entertainment.

fairyloot december, fairyloot, fairyloot unboxing, unboxing, bookish, depepi, depepi.com

Aladdin’s candle smells super good. And I already found pens for my new Shakespeare pouch. I now need some free time to start reading this book. I’m plodding lately due to the amount of work, but I’m sure I’ll be able to read it in some months. It looks so good; I want to start it as soon as I can!

The pouch is perfect for my bag too, so I can go to coffee shops and enjoy the ride. I’m working on a Fantasy book, and a little bit of inspiration from Ariel is perfect as well.

fairyloot december, fairyloot, fairyloot unboxing, unboxing, bookish, depepi, depepi.com

What do you think of the Fairyloot boxes? I just love them! When I subscribed, I had to try twice until I got in. The boxes are amazing, but there’s a queue to subscribe or to get one. It’s worth it!

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