Preparing your Bookish Xmas (vol.2)

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If you’re late preparing your bookish Xmas, don’t despair. You can still go to the bookstore or order some quick books online. You can check the first volume with a list of fantasy books. But here I list some more mainstream titles that can help you with extras for your loved ones or something different for your friends.

Let’s start with the Martian [The Book Depository]. I know it’s someone growing potatoes on Mars, but the story is worth it. I enjoyed the book way more than I enjoyed the movie. It’s witty, it makes you laugh, and it’s also enerving at times. It’s perfect for those who dream of exploring the stars. Or, you can also give this book to someone who might be interested in science fiction. You can find my review of this book here.

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The Midnight Sea [The Book Depository] by Kat Ross was a pleasure and a delight. I already bought the second book of the saga, and I can’t wait to find some free time to read it. This is Fantasy, but closer to the Game of Thrones. It has spies, magic, brutality, and love. It’s perfect to create an impression on people or to surprise someone from page to page. You can find my review here.

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You’ll also find that some of the characters of The Midnight Sea are really sexy and spooky. Like all things with magic, they come with a price. You’ll understand that when you read the book. (It’s worth it!)

And, finally, Rivers of London [The Book Depository]. If science fiction and fantasy aren’t what tunes your presents, maybe a mystery around London will do it. We find the steps of a detective into the paranormal finding out that there’s more to London than meets the eye. It’s witty, interesting, and you can’t put it down. This is one of the many books of Ben Aaronovitch related to London. It’s true that London has a different flavor and a hidden world, but I just hope it isn’t plenty with the ghosts and vampires the novel describes. You can read my review here.

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Also be aware that there’re now graphic novels about the Rivers of London (COMIC) [The Book Depository]! If you have a friend who loves comics, and you’d like to introduce them to the world of literature, you can do so through comics. This is a great option to do so.

If you still need more ideas for bookish presents, you can check my books review section on this blog. You’ll find reviews of all the books that I read.

Have a sweet last minute bookish Xmas shopping!

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