FairyLoot November 2017: Ladies that Slay

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It’s a little bit late, but my FairyLoot November 2017 Ladies that Slay unboxing video and post are here. I had a lot of fun recording the video, and yes, I had some public. It also happens that we didn’t agree on the purpose of one of the items. My guess was right, and so you’ll see that I finally win the funky argument. (You cannot see the others, but you can see my reaction.) Needless to say that I’m in love with the FairyLoot!! I wonder what the Xmas box will bring! (The spoilers in their magazine say that there’s a cute Pop!)

The box had wonderful items and two books! I can’t be happier because one is an advance copy that we get to read before anyone else. So, now you know what I’ll be reading for Xmas.

FairyLoot’s November box included:

  • An exclusive Brightest Witch Candle from Flick The Wick. I got Hermione. It smells so good! It’s a small one, but I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it completely.
  • An exclusive Blue’s Brew tea from Bookish Teas. I’ve already made some tea cups out of this wonderful tea can. It’s so yummy that I bet I’ll finish it in no time. (I’ll need to get more!)
  • An exclusive Slay Book Sleeve by Aunjuli Art. This is the item we were arguing about. If you’ve seen the video, you’ll notice that my beloved public in the room was convinced it was to keep warm bottles of water for the winter. Meanwhile, I was arguing that it was a cover for books or an iPad-mini. I was correct!!
  • An advance reading copy of Furyborn [The Book Depository] by Claire Legrand. This book won’t be out until May 2018! And we get to read it during Xmas! Yay! I’m delighted with this book.
  • An exclusive Fire is Catching Badge by Literary Emporium. I’m not sure where I’ll end up putting this one, but it’s brilliant.
  • An exclusive Fight Darkness sticker by Reverie & Ink with a quote from An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I’ll keep this in a box until I find a place where to stick it.
  • This Mortal Coil enamel pin for my forever growing pin collection. I’m starting to have problems on where to place my pins on my bag. I have to think about other possible locations at this point.
  • The Last Namsara [The Book Depository] [Waterstones] by Kristen Ciccarelli with a silver version of the cover. The standard version is in gold. And it came with other swag related to the book!

fairyloot, fairyloot november 2017, ladies that slay, unboxing, bookish, depepi, depepi.com

I know that it’s already a classic for me to say that this was the best FairyLoot box ever, but, this is the best FairyLoot box ever. Don’t be surprised if I say so the next time. The FairyLoot fairies compose the most beautiful boxes ever! So, I do recommend this box if you love reading books and bookish items.

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