Sarah J. Maas’ Tower of Down Fan Event in Brighton!

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Yesterday I went to Sarah J. Maas’ Tower of Dawn [The Book Depository] Fan Event in Brighton, and it was terrific. I needed something like this after a mad week of work. And since I need to finish NaNoWriMo on time, what better inspiration than to meet one of your favorite authors? I purchased the ticket for this event back in August. I didn’t check where the venue was until Monday. Then, I discovered that St. Georges Church is quite far away from where I live. Nothing to worry, my legs are strong, especially after more than a year enjoying the hills of Brighton.

Doors would open at 5.30, but the event would start one hour after. To my surprise, the queue was already circling the church when I arrived. This also meant that I would stay standing up for an hour before I could sit down and feel my legs again.

We were a full bunch of fans of all ages. So many, that the organizers had to do a raffle so that fifty winners would be able to meet Sarah and have the book adequately signed. Since I never win anything I had very few hopes, so I readied myself to enjoy the rest as much as I could.

sarah j. maas, tower of down, brighton, throne of glass, depepi,, books

Sarah is a nice person, with a great sense of humor who is genuinely in love with her fan base. She’s like a unicorn. She shared with us her inspiration for writing her last Throne of Glass [The Book Depository] book, a very emotional story about her family and how badass her grandmother is, and how much she fangirls about Genghis Khan. The talk was full of encouragement for aspiring writers, and also with fresh information, I personally had no idea about. All in all, it was great!

The venue was weird for me. I have to admit that books presentations in churches are a little bit creepy. But it can get peculiar when you get a raffle and you get to win one of the spots. As I said, I thought I would never win this. And so, I went to the event without any book! I’m a super fan of ACOTAR [The Book Depository], so it would have made sense to have one of the three books signed.

sarah j. maas, tower of down, brighton, throne of glass, depepi,, books

Instead, I went to the event of the year with my electronic ticket on my iPhone. (You can proceed to throw veggies at my face now.) Fortunately, I bought the ticket that included a pre-signed exclusive edition of Tower of Dawn [The Book Depository] with sprayed blue edges and an exclusive metal bookmark. So, I decided to have this book signed twice. That’s the reason there are two pages signed by her. One with her signature, and the other one with her signature and my name. (And so, I can fangirl forever with this book.)

Plus, I got to have a picture of her. I almost forgot all about it since I was more focused on staring at her while she was writing my name on the book. It all looked pretty standard until I posed for getting my picture taken along with her. Can you see my creepster face?

sarah j. maas, tower of down, brighton, throne of glass, depepi,, books

I was fortunate to win the opportunity to meet one of my favorite authors. I still cannot believe I won! You can imagine my excitement and my nerves. That’s why I decided to go back home walking. This proved to be quite a fatal error. Why? I didn’t check how far the church happens to be from home, if I had, I would have indeed chosen the bus or a taxi. By the time I arrived home, I was frozen, and I couldn’t feel my feet!

Despite everything, I had energy enough to spam my sweetheart with all the details of the evening. I think he discovered that walking makes no difference to me and I end up fangirling with the same amount of energy anyway. But I bet you’d do the same. How can you not share all the info when you’re happy?

sarah j. maas, tower of down, brighton, throne of glass, depepi,, books

Note: this post contains affiliate links. I only share things that I love. And yes: the book has magic in it!

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