The Vocabulary of Fandom: D

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Daemon: an animal-like companion that represents the soul of the character. They can have the opposite gender, and it can even shapeshift. They cannot stay for long far away from their humans.

Dark (fic or story): are stories based on darker versions of the canon. Either the environment or the characters are darker. This doesn’t mean that the stories don’t follow the official one, only that they’re darker. Stories can be morally ambiguous, or characters can be plain evil.

Dark Lord: It refers to the evil character, usually with plans for world domination or its destruction. Examples: Darth Vader, Sauron, Loki.

DDR (Dance Dance Revolution): a popular Japanese arcade game. Players have to step on particular positions on a floor mat while very fast music plays.

DEAD/ DED: used in a messageboards or mailing lists. People use it to define something funny, surprising or appalling. DED is usually a misspelling.

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Death (fic or story): are stories in which a character died or has died. They explore what happens around their deaths and how affect the other characters. If you write a Death fic, you should put a warning note so that sensitive people know in advance.

Death smile: Probably from “death ray” (Nikola Tesla), referring to Loki having the sexiest smile ever.

Diegetic images: [from the Greek “diegesis,” narrate, to narrate] in comics, it refers to pictures and words that depict characters, objects and sensory environment of the world of the story.

Direct market: retail system of comic book distribution to specialty shops in the US. There are also similar systems in other countries.

Disclaimer: is a legal statement of ownership or non-ownership. Technically speaking, disclaimers don’t protect you from copyright infrigement. However, to include one in your fan fiction is considered a courtesy, that’s why many fic authors use disclaimers. The best disclaimers mention the legal copyright owners, production networks, etc. Since fics are generally considered transformative creations, they fall under the “fair use” clause of copyright law. Adding a disclaimer stating the real copyright ownership, will reinforce the fair use clause.

Discipline: it’s often parto of BDSM ficiton that includes spanking. The dominant character disciplines the submissive one. It might be consensual or not. That’s why it should be listed in the warnings of the story.

Disjoined panel: the words and images that constitute the panel are not contiguous.

DLDR (don’t like, don’t read): is an answer to flaming. You can use it to tell others that you don’t like a genre. Beware though, don’t use it for spelling or stereotypes because people can laught at you.

Drabble: A 100 word fan fiction.

Drabblet: A 100-500 word fan fiction.

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Done: A description of the feelings of a fan when stating something negative or positive about something that happened to their favorite character. A tornado of emotions.

doujinshi/ doujin: from Japanese, comic book fan fiction. The sale of these in Japan is legal. You can find them at Conventions and online.

Dreamcast: a list of actresses and actors you’d hire to play as characters in a movie. People don’t use this word very often since Sony chose “dreamcast” for their gaming system.

DUB: is a dubbed anime (from Japanese into English). Sometimes dubs are inferior to their original counterparts, but this is not always true.

DUB-Con (dubious consent): there is a non-consensual sexual contact in the story. Characters involved in DUB-Con might remain unconfortable during the whole story. It should be listed in the author’s warnings, since in real life this could be rape. In many stories, one of the characters is drunk, drugged, or victim of magic, etc.

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