NaNoWriMo 2017 here I come!

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NaNoWriMo 2017 is a challenge that no one should take lightly. National November Writing Month is an event that thrills many and frightens some. To write a novel in just a month isn’t something easy, least if it has around 50,000 words! Despite becoming a hermit during November, I think that this challenge is worth it. I know I’ll end up finishing all my favorite coffee flavors, and I know that I’ll end up typing in coffee shops. But, I guess this is the beauty of it.

Whatever the case, let’s be real: this is madness. You can’t start NaNoWriMo just like that. You need a little bit of preparation and have some idea in mind of what you wish to write. In my case, it’s a Fantasy novel. Prepared for the task ahead, I guess that writing a draft during November might be doable. As long as I have enough coffee in blood, I think I’ll just be okay.

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My Fantasy novel is about a female character who is planing the escape of the millennia. She lives in a forsaken prison-island where all misfits and criminals end up their days. They come from all over the known world, and they’re all condemned in the same fashion: they shall live all their miserable lives on the island, and so will all their descendants. Should any of them be able to escape, freedom will be theirs. All those who fail to escape this impossible prison will be killed, and so will their families.

The last person who was granted freedom did it one thousand years ago. Ever since not a single soul has managed to do it. Despite all the odds, the main character will try her best while talking openly about her plans. In an island full of criminals, telling the truth isn’t a virtue but a pitfall. Bullied and bored to the core, our favorite prisoner will play them all. Since no one believes her, she might have a possibility to escape. Will she succeed?

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So, I’m certainly burdened with a glorious purpose this November. The book I want to write isn’t easy for me. I’m more used to writing posts and practical books. However, since I’m a fan of fantasy, I felt that it was about time I should be going out of my comfort zone.

Character profiling has been hard, but paramount. To have a clear view of their backstories, even if I don’t write them in the book, is critical to making them alive. That takes a lot of time. So, I went ahead and did it during October to make sure I had time in November to write the story. I also thought it would be nice to practice in advance.

Despite all preparations, NaNoWriMo can feel overwhelming. I just hope I can share how it goes and what I’m learning in the process. In the worse case scenario, I can always tell you that I drank gallons of coffee and that I escaped the island myself.

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In any case, let’s hope that the odds are all in our favor. Let me know if you’re also taking part in NaNoWriMo this year. It’ll be a pleasure to go on in this adventure with you!

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