Star Trek Discovery: Love it or Hate it

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We’ve seen only a handful episodes of Star Trek Discovery and reactions are extreme. You either love it or hate it. Although aesthetics are impressive, some people argue that Klingons are gross, and the script is not following Star Trek rules. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: we need to give this show some time for the characters to evolve. Think about the story for a moment: we’re at war, and people are freaking out. So, it’s normal to find that most characters are chaotic at the moment. The need to survive is compelling.

Jason Isaacs’ Captain Lorca doesn’t give a damn. He’s shady, and it seems that he has his agenda. His crew knows well that he’ll get what he wants whatever happens. Michael is starting to discover that, while she needs to get a balance with her life. She has a shot at redemption, but will the Captain help her evolve?

What I love about this show so far is how it gives a damn on stereotypes. Michael has a male name despite being a woman; two women were in command; female characters are as badass as male ones in this show. In short, it seems that Star Trek Discovery is like Lorca: it doesn’t give a damn on stereotypes and is risking a lot.

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While characters seem to be all chaotic neutral with their agendas, we can see also that Star Trek Discovery is true to its name on many levels. First, the characters are on a discovery path to themselves. They’re evolving and discovering that they might be very different from what they thought. Second, they’re also on a discovery quest on a scientific level, Federation level, and Klingon level. Until now, the Federation had not much info about the Klingons, and now they’re going to learn it the hard way. We also get to know black badges and perhaps how the Federation itself is quite shady. And third, we get to discover a new Star Trek along with the characters.

It has action, mystery, great looks, and it promises a lot. Now, the question is: will Star Trek Discovery turn out to be as shady as Captain Lorca? If so, will fans love it more or hate it more than they do now?

star trek, star trek discovery, depepi,, trekkie, trekker

I can’t stop thinking about Lucius Malfoy every time I see Lorca. And maybe that’s why I find him so compelling. All his shades might have a reason, and we might like it or not at the end. Thus, it seems that we, the audience, might be Michael, and Lorca might be Star Trek Discovery.

I’m keeping up with the show since I love it, despite all the Klingon looks. I’m used to Worf, and right now Klingons look so evil that it’s hard to think that they’ll end up in the Federation. It’s cool, however, to discover how the Federation seems like ten years before the one we know and love. Lorca is ruthless and will do whatever to win a war, despite being in a science vessel. It seems that he’ll fight the spooky Klingons in their cruel ways.

So yes: I’m up for Star Trek Discovery. Let’s keep the shades and fight on!

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