It’s The Princess Bride 30th Anniversary!

Last week was The Princess Bride [The Book Depository] movie 30th anniversary. I read countless times the book, and it remains an all-time favorite of mine. However, the film is also brilliant. If you haven’t read the book nor seen the movie, you’re still on time. Get in love with Westley, Princess Buttercup, Inigo Montoya, Fezzik, Vizzini, and others. So, what do the book and the movie have that are so great?

For starters, the book is so entertaining that you’ll get into the story in no time. It has more depth than the movie, of course, but in this case, both movie and book are great. The film, in particular, has provided great quotes for geekdom. I’m sure you’re familiar with this one:

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If you’re wondering, Montoya is one of my favorite characters. He’s not only persistent, and he’s witty and funny. To be fair, all characters have enough depth to be lovable or hateful (I’m talking about villains here). But, I do have my favorites.

Buttercup is innocent at the beginning of the book, and so is Westley. But they both have grown. As for ironic fairy tales and forever love, this is one of the most iconic stories you can read and enjoy on the small screen (or big if you have a projector).

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And, as you might be thinking, one of the reasons I love Captain Swan so much, is the line Captain Hook gave Swan when they were in Pan’s island: “as you wish.” I’m sure that all Princess Bride who saw Captain Swan’s scene on Once Upon A Time knew the reference very well. And thus, Hook, just as Westley, kept his word on loving Emma.

It is just fair that with the 30th anniversary here I end up reading the book just once more. I’m thinking of buying a new copy of the book, because the one I have, is very old and damaged.

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So, my plans to celebrate the 30th anniversary are straightforward: first I need to get a new copy of the book because the one I have is too old. Second, I need to reread the book for remembering all the good times. And lastly, I need to watch the film again because it’s worth it watching it another thousand times!

So yes, I’m going to get fun storming the castle!

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