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Labels can be useful, but also a curse. When talking on Twitter about writing a post about sexuality, I realized that as a fangirl I had a heroic life in high-school. The problem is that I lived mostly among books, comics, shows, and movies. My preferences for the real life where non-existent, or annoying. To compare humans to any fictional badass character in the books can be a blessing, but also a curse!

Very much like labels, using a word like “nerdysexual” to try to explain something can be both good and bad. Labels can be a pain, especially if misunderstood. As a fangirl, a geek, and someone who loves reading books and comics, losing myself in worlds of fantasy is as natural as breathing. My crushes lived in paper worlds that someone else imagined. They also lived in shows and movies! All in all, I would end up writing fan fiction at some point.

And, yes. It was naughty.

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I define nerdysexual as someone who fancies nerddom, fictional characters more than real people in particular. It doesn’t matter if they belong to a gender, or another, an elvish race, or an alien one. You might have a crush on more than a character, and it might also be mind blowing. The preference of fictional over real can be challenging, since comparing both worlds can end up in tears. Great heroes and villains who happen to have a great set of characteristics, both in character and in flesh, might be too unrealistic as to have any counterparts in real life.

Fangirls and Geeks have had fictional crushes at a certain point in their lives. Some might enjoy it in their teens, while others send age to the trash bin and keep up with it later in life. But, is this label more than that? Could we define a nerdysexual as something else?

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If we take a look at the simplest definition, someone attracted to nerddom; we’ll realize that here we can put many different things. We can think about fictional characters, and also nerdy practices that you can enjoy in the room. Sex while cosplaying? Why not?

Being attracted to fictional characters lets you explore different scenarios, with different folk that might be humanoid or not, from this planet or another one, good and evil, men or women (or any other gender that the book might offer to you!) The cool thing about this is that you can be as nerdy as you want without any restrictions. Want to ship two antagonist characters from a book? Do it! Want to imagine yourself in a sandwich between Thor and Loki? Why not?

So, the question now is: are you nerdysexual? Have you dreamt about a fictional character that takes your breath away? Have you imagined epic stories with that person in your head? Do you keep up reading more and more books just because of that unique character? Do you have a vivid imagination and put wonders in practice in your room? I’m talking about Role Playing in a massive scale when you’re not a human anymore but a Queen Elf who can shatter anyone with magic. I’m talking about going beyond and above putting on some robes and spend more than an hour believing you’re the character and whoever is with you in the room is your slave!

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If your passion is firmly linked with your imagination, if you get fictional crushes more than real ones, if you need to write down fan fiction, then you might be nerdysexual. And if you’re a geek or a fangirl who enjoy all things geek, you might be so too. Why? Because it’s rooted in your being.

What we call D&D has a different meaning now, hasn’t it?

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