Geek Fashion: Get Wild with a Geek Punk Look and Thor!

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Geek fashion can have many different faces. Getting a Geek Punk look can be easy or difficult depending on colors and fandoms. Since I wanted to feel stronger than usual, in a playful way, I went the punk way. Geek fashion helps to explain how you feel in the inside. Choosing your favorite fandoms helps to send a subliminal message of how you’re getting along with yourself. It also makes a self-esteem bust in the right direction. To go out and rock a punk style mixed with geek items can be somewhat tricky.

This weekend I decided to choose a great outfit. I’ve been on the punk side of fashion for a while now, and it feels great. But you don’t need to spend millions to get a great feel. So, here is my list of items with some links (I cannot remember all of them, sorry).

geek fashion, geek girl, punk, punk rock, punk fashion, depepi,

Blue leather jacket: from somewhere in Candem, London. I bought it last winter because it was great. It was a bargain! I don’t remember exactly how the whole thing went. I just remember that I loved it and bought it for future use. (If you haven’t noticed it yet, I like blue!)

Marvel Tee: this Avengers tee is from Primark. I bought it last year. I can’t remember when exactly, but it was super cheap. Plus, it has the golden Marvel letters that make it super cool. I love it! (If you have a Primark nearby, I recommend you to check it often because you can find great tees sometimes!)

Heart Choker: I bought this using Wish. You can certainly find it on Amazon and in shops. The prizes vary a lot depending on when you buy it. If you use Wish, it might take a month to get to your door. But, if you don’t mind waiting, then you can use Wish.

geek fashion, geek girl, punk, punk rock, punk fashion, depepi,

Lipstick & other Makeup: mostly everything is from ManicPanic. They have these strong and punk-ish colors that I love. You cannot see it on the pic, but I wear black nails too, which is my favorite color for them. I do have other two colors (pink and purple), but for some reason, I end up with black most of the time.

Banned Tartan Bag: the bag is from Banned, a brand that makes a lot of punk and goth clothing. It has a plain color, which is perfect if you want to add badges and pins as I did. Otherwise, you can choose the other colors. I saw red tartan and purple tartan online. It all depends on how you want to decorate it.

Badges: the biggest one is from Fable & Black. It has a “night court” design (ACOMAF). The other badges are Gwenpool, Slytherin, Thor, and LGBTQ+ related. Then there are some pins. Most of them come from Punky Pins, including a “cuterus.” You can see most of these merchandise on my Instagram account. I tend to share it there when I get them.

geek fashion, geek girl, punk, punk rock, punk fashion, depepi,

The rest: I think that the jeans are from Primark and the shoes from some other bargain I got time ago. Jewelry has been with me for ages, including a Star Trek silver ring. My earrings all come from Feral Strumpet. I’ve been buying earrings from her for years now. I can’t have enough of them!

And I think I don’t forget anything else. Probably the socks are also from Primark, but I’m not sure. As you can see, you can come up with a super badass outfit just digging here and there. You don’t need to spend tons of money (except for leather jackets, to be honest).

So, what do I do? If I buy online, I create lists on my favorite shops of the items I’d like to have. If it’s a shop nearby, I tend to go often to see if there are any deals or cute stuff that I might like. So, that’s it!

So, what does the outfit say about me? That I roar!!

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