The Vocabulary of Fandom: B

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So, continuing with the vocabulary of fandom, we explore some words that start with B. In this list we do have fascinating words. So, prepare yourself for the ride!

Badfic (or Trollfic): it’s a piece of fan fiction written as poorly as humanly possible in a deliberate way. These are often funny stories that stress cliches in books or shows or emphasizing horrible grammar. It can be hilarious, or incredibly nauseating. Please note that “badfic” is also used to refer to awful fan fiction.

Backstory: it’s a piece of fan fiction based on or containing scenes of, the past story of a character. These stories tend to be set before the official story begins. It can also be an original story by the author as well.

BAMF: (bad as a mother fucker). It refers to a character who is incredibly awesome. These characters are witty, clever, and super hard to defeat. These characters can have any gender, and be heroes.

Bande dessinée: comics from the Franco-Belgian tradition.

Bandom: it’s a fandom that’s all about a musical group. Bandom communities can be large, or tiny, noisy or not.

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Bash/ Bashing: it’s when someone repeatedly insults something or someone just for the sake of it. Bashers are people who do this. This happens when either the author or the reader don’t like the character at all. Then, they decide to show their hatred by bashing the character.

Bestiality: is when there’re sexual relations between humans, humanoids, gods, and animals. Think about Loki shapeshifting into a mare and having sex with a stallion. Then he had a super cute horse baby with eight legs called Sleipnir. Bestiality can be found in mythology, but in fan fiction, it has some rules. For example, one of the humans is transformed into an animal. But, despite being an animal, his or her brain remains the same. Thus, they are capable of giving consent to sexual relationships. Stories can be mild or very graphic. As a general rule, it’s listed on the author’s warnings, but for some reason, some people skip that part.

Beta/ Beta’d/ Beta Read/ Beta Reader: it’s either a person who acts as an editor and helps the author, or it refers to having a set of expertise in writing etiquette edits to a story. Beta readers might point out mistakes in grammar, spelling, and even content. Betas also give their opinions on the story before hand, helping the author amend it if something is amiss.

Bishoujo: a Japanese word that means “beautiful girl.” It refers to a genre in anime and manga. It is abbreviated as just “bish,” and it also includes “bishounen.” Both words can be shortened as “bishes.”

Bishounen: a Japanese word that means “beautiful boy.” It’s a term that refers to a genre in anime and manga. It used to be used to refer to effeminate young men. However, it’s also used to refer to good-looking men. Sometimes it’s abbreviated as just “bish.” When referring to “bishoujo” and “bishounen”, it is shortened as “bishes.”

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BDSM (B; D; D/s; or S&M): It stands for “bondage domination sadism masochism.” It’s a fan fiction genre that includes bondage, discipline, dominance/submission, and/or sadomasochism in sexual practices or just relationships. Authors can only cover one aspect of BDSM in their stories, like spanking, but not everything. Be aware that BDSM relationships are consensual, if done incorrectly it can be abusive. Hence, those stories will be cataloged as Bad BDSM Etiquette. Stories can be mild (PG-13) or extreme (NC-17). Always read the authors warnings before reading any BDSM fic.

Big Bang: it’s a ficathon event where authors engage in writing long stories. These stories can also be accompanied by the artwork of fan artists. The rules of these ficathons can be very diverse, and the working necessary to take part in them can vary (up to 50,000 words in some cases). Big Bangs can be based on a particular fandom, ship, or genre. They can also be open. All works are posted simultaneously.

BNF (Big Name Fan): a BNF is a person who is well known within the fan community. This label has some prestige, and many fans want to be members of this elite (BNFhood/ BNFdom). Some BNF are pretty relaxed with the power they have, but many end up misusing it.

Bondage: physical restraint used as sexual stimulus in a consensual sex scene. It usually appears in BDSM fan fiction pieces. Stories can be mild (PG-13) or extreme (NC-17). If you don’t want to be surprised, please read the authors warnings before reading any fic that contains bondage.

Bonding: refers to stories where two or more characters are linked emotionally/ psychically. These connections relate to soulmates in many cases. Stories can belong to different genres (gen, slash, het, etc.).

Broadsheet: a single page of printed material which has images and words printed on it (for example, a newspaper). The first broadsheet newspaper was published in 1618 in Europe.

BROTP: It’s very similar to OTP (one’s true pairing), but it refers to a set of friends that are destined to be besties forever.

Bromance: A close relationship between two men, but nonsexual. It can also be a complicated love relationship between two straight men.

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