Despicable Me 3 was so much fun! The Minions are back!

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On Sunday I saw Despicable Me 3, and I had loads of fun! Yup, the Minions are back! This movie is perfect for the whole family, but more so for Minions fans. It’s funny, smart, and it has fluffy unicorns. This time the villain is obsessed with the 80s music. Gru messes up again. But, this time he’s able to meet his twin brother Dru, who happens to have more hair than he does. Well, that’s not a difficult thing, really.

Gru is a Superhero now, so the Minions are a little bit lost. Minions are banana-like creatures who love villains. And Gru isn’t a bad guy anymore. But, his brother wants him to go back to being a villain.

[SPOILERS: this review contains spoilers from the movie. Stop reading here if you don’t want to know what happens next!]

despicable me 3, minions, depepi,

The first thing we are aware is that Gru isn’t very comfortable with Dru’s hair. He’s got a lot of it. Plus, he has tons of money. Because Gru messed things up again, and the boss of the Hero organization he works for now is a crazy lady, he and his wife lose their jobs. Yup: they’re not cool anymore.

Since Gru is now jobless, you might think that it’s going to be super easy for him to go back to being a villain. His brother Dru also thinks so. But when the Minions ask Gru to start stealing again, well, he refuses. And you have the most adorable thing ever: they go bananas and go away to find a villain.

The problem is that they end up in jail. The good thing here is that they rule every single bit of it! Perhaps this was my favorite part: watching the Minions being wicked and mischievous in jail. Plus, when they decide to go back to Gru, they create a super funny aircraft!

despicable me 3, minions, depepi,

I’m not going to spoil things further, but I will tell you this: it was fun! I needed some release and having fun after a weird week of total mess. And the Minions were the perfect option for me.

So, overall, this movie is ideal for all the family, and Minion fans. You get a crappy villain who is pretty funny, twins that mess things up but save the day, and lots of mischievous Minions! Oh! And you also get a fluffy unicorn.

On the serious side of things: this movie also talks about family. Mothers who are learning to be so, kids who love their parents, and siblings who can be annoying but loving at the same time.

Don’t miss it! This is gold.

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