Comic Books of the Week: Bitch Planet, Gwenpool, Wonder Woman!

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We’re back with some comic books this week yet again! This time I want to talk about madness: Bitch Planet and Gwenpool. But before I go there, I’d like to start talking about Wonder Woman. The movie is here! Although I have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy it, I decided to start reading her comics.

So, this week’s central star is Wonder Woman. You can fetch Wonder Woman Rebirth (Annual 1) in your comic book store. Here you have short stories about our favorite Amazon. After this, let’s all have a beer and head to the cinema!

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Now let’s talk about a little bit of madness with Gwenpool #16. I’ve been following the series since day one, and I have to tell you something: it’s crazy. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. Now, Gwen Poole is a Superhero, a crazy one. She left the real world with her true family and problems back there. But, what if she has a copy of her family here? Her superpower is knowledge, but, how long can it last?

Exactly: she isn’t reading the comics any longer because now she lives in the Marvel Universe. Therefore, her knowledge has a limit!

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And, finally, Bitch Planet volume 2. I don’t fancy the artwork in this series, but I do like the story. Women who fail following the patriarchal rules are exiled to a penal planet in a far away galaxy. So, what happened on Earth to have this horrible world order? Well, we’ll find out in this volume (and I bet it’s going to be spooky at best).

bitch planet, comics, comics thorsday, thorsday, depepi,

What comics made it to your pull list this week? Let me know in comments 🙂

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