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The new comic books this week come with some nostalgia. Do you know Battle Angel Alita? When I was a teen, I was hooked with this manga. The cyber-doctor Daisuke Ido finds a strange cyborg head in a damp. It belongs to a woman who has lost all her memories. He re-assembles her and names her Alita. She has a super powerful body: the Berserker. Afte a while, something happens: she can do amazing martial arts! Although she cannot remember anything, she decides to become a vigilante. She lives in a lawless place, so she’ll avenge the weak. But, she has a little bit of an identity crisis: is she still human? Does her new job make her humanity go away? How much cyborg is she?

This is a classic. However, I don’t recommend it for the very young. The manga’s pages are plenty of violence. The story is compelling, and Alita is as deadly as adorable.

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Another option this week is Alters. This trade tells the story about a new human race emerging in the world. This new race is called the Alters. We follow the story of a young woman who must find her new identity as an Alter: how can she shuffle a regular life and her responsibilities as a powerful Alter?

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And, finally, Groot! This first issue promises to be adorable. The Guardians of the Galaxy get caught in a wormhole, and Groot gets separated from the team. He falls on a planet and discovers a new world with different creatures and societies. However, no one understands Groot! Will he reunite with his family, the Guardians?

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What comics made it to your list this week? Let me know in comments.

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