Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda

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So, what’s my feminist agenda, you may ask? It’s quite simple: there’s no agenda. It might come as a shock for some, but I don’t have anything in mind but geeking out loud. I have projects, yes, but agendas? The only agenda I have is my Italian one, and I write things like: I need to blog today.

I suppose that this had to happen at some point in my blogging life. If you’re all about uplifting women and promoting badass strong characters, I assume that some people take it the wrong way. But before we all freak-out, let’s take a look at what feminist is.

A feminist is a person who supports feminism. And what is feminism? Is it a disease? The word has had tons of bad marketing, so when you say it out loud some bells inside your head ring out loud. Nope, it’s not a disease, and it’s not Ragnarok. So, what is it?

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Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Yup, that’s it.

It just means that I expect and I ask equal rights and opportunities for both women and men. So, when something is not quite right, I’m going to complain and demand that my rights and opportunities are the same as those granted to men.

It also means that I’m against reverse discrimination. Say, what? Reverse what? Reverse discrimination is discrimination against members of the dominant group, for members of the disadvantaged group. So, in this case, it would be against men in favor to women.

You might be surprised, but Sith happens. To both genders because of a crappy set of stereotypes and cultural clichés. So, not being a feminist can also damage those who want to stop feminism.

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Work interviews are funny places to encounter subtle discrimination. I’ve been lucky enough as to collect some funny ones.

Once I had an interview where the guy was too surprised. He repeated several times if I was Pepi. He looked at my resumé, then asked. Looked at my resumé, then asked again. He did that several times, like if he was in a weird loop. Then he just said: I thought you were a man. He apologized and stated that the job was for a guy.

Okay. Let’s take some air now.

I didn’t get time to get mad when it happened. I just said that they shouldn’t ask people to come for an interview and then say no on stupid grounds. Why? Because it was a waste of time for everyone.

So, what happened?

My name happened.

Pepi happens to be the name of some Egypt Pharaos. Maybe the guy expected the mummy or something. It also happens to be a male name in some countries, like Germany (or so some friends have told me). It can also be a surname. Or a wine brand from California.

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I could have gotten angry and argued about feminism and how unfair was to discard me because of being female despite having the perfect resumé and skills for the job. But to be fair: I didn’t want to work for a company who doesn’t want a competent female for the job. Do I want to work for stupid short-minded folk? Nope, I don’t!

In another interview I was discarded because I had a sweet face and I looked too young. Again, my skills were perfect for the job, but the woman who interviewed me argued that I needed to look older, have a stronger face, and dress in darker colors. Then she said that I could apply again in like, five years.

Are you kidding me?

Nope. Women can also be horrors for equality.

My answer? “If you’re stressed with your job, go out and have a night stand. Or do some sports. Or scream out loud in the mountain. But don’t get all your frustrations on me if your life and job are miserable. If you need a lifeless, tired, old, grumpy face for the job, then you should do it yourself. You just wasted my time here. Have a good day.” (See? I was perfect for the job! I looked so sweet, and yet I Hulked out!)

So, why do I promote happy female-uplifting things on this blog? Because I want a happy world for everyone! I’m not against men. I don’t want a female dictatorship that treats men like trash. I’m just in favor of equal opportunities. So, yes, I promote uplifting stuff for females on this blog.

Is that having an agenda?


Is that being a dreamer?


It just wants a better world for everyone. And if I can do it sharing stuff that portrays the ideal status our world can achieve, then so be it!

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In short: if you don’t like uplifting writings, badass characters, and a blog that promotes equality, unicorns and veggies; then this blog isn’t for you. Stop complaining about my feminist agenda: there’s none! [There are only 100+ Pop figurines, hundreds of books, comics and geek swag!]

Note: I spark bubbles! How cool is sharing name with a wine brand? Way cooler than sharing it with mummies, but, anyway: so rad!

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