Funko Pops and Books that will blow out your mind

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Here you have a short list of Funko Pops and books that will blow out your mind. If you need nerdy ideas for presents, this is it! Get these matches and add a memorable line on the card. I know, it’s an evil plan. You’ll make your friends pass out because of amazing swag.

Let’s start with Ragnar! If you were to go Beyond the Wall, you’d probably find Ragnar waiting for you. Okay, that’s a stretch. The Romans and Ragnar lived in different eras, but it’s funny to think about it. Go beyond Hadrian’s Wall, and you’ll find the funky Vikings.

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I chose the Girl of Ink and Stars to match Alien’s female hero. Why? Because she is a badass hero that I loved as a kid! (Now you’re questioning my parents for letting me watch Alien at a young age. But, Ripley is awesome!) The cover of the book is brilliant. So much so, that taking pictures of it is tough. I think it’s because of the shiny blue letters.

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And since we’re taking a look at the sky, why not take a glance at the Universe? We have Gamora Chasing the Stars! The cover of this book is just amazing. I love the colors, and they match with Gamora so well. This is the perfect match for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy!

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And if you loved Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, you might also love this comic book for kids: Nightlights. It’s super sweet.

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I finish this list with a shelfie and Spider-Gwen Rock Candy figurine. If you dare to give away as a present all those books and the figurine, you’ll be a God to someone. These are all young adults with one exception: Big Magic. It’s in there because of the cover colors.

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