Star Trek: Discovery

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Ten years before Spock and Kirk, we had Star Trek: Discovery! I just saw the trailer on Twitter. I’ve been reading some drama surrounding the cast, but I must say that the trailer looks brilliant. I can’t wait until fall to start the journey along with Star Trek: Discovery.

One of the things that got me euphoric is to see to female leading roles together. I just hope that the series is as brilliant as it promises. So, why are people complaining about it? I say that we must give it a go before we go berserk on it.

There is a new logo, new music, new uniforms, and new Klingons on the horizon. The new ships look amazing. We also get to take a look at Sarek and kid Spock. According to Sarek, his son has a tongue that it’s too human, and so he won’t be able to speak the Vulcan language. Well, that was harsh.

The uniform resembles that of Enterprise: blue and with some gold. But the badges resemble those of Kirk and Spock.

I can’t wait for fall. This looks amazing, and I certainly want to watch a show with two women leads who kick ass Klingons. (Even if the Klingons look pretty odd.)

star trek, star trek discovery, depepi,, trekkie, trekker

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