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This week we have some cool comic books that we can pick again. This week things get hot again since there are some interesting titles. And again, I’m left with a tough decision: do I start right away with the issues? Or do I wait for the trade?

While I meditate on the topic, I’ll start this week’s possible pic list with Luke Cage. Marvel’s Netflix series was fantastic. So, I do hope that the comic reflects that too. Cage is on a revenge spree. Cage goes to the funeral of Doctor Noah Burstein, the one who made of him an unbreakable Superhero. However, he soon discovers mysterious billionaires, gangs, and a woman with a huge secret.

Because things look pretty grim, Cage starts looking for answers. Maybe there’s far more to Doctor Noah Burstein’s death that meets the eye.

luke cage, marvel, marvel comics, depepi,, comics

Then we have Generation X. The Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach is open again. This time, however, they come to grips with a simple truth: not all mutants are created equal. So, some are better suited as warriors, but others are better diplomats. But, their environment hates them. How are they going to survive? This time around the mentor is Jubilee. What’s going to happen next?

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I’m not really sure about Grrl Scouts. Gwen, Daphne, and Rita are on a psychedelic adventure around Freak City. It’s all action, great art, sketchbooks, and even behind-the-scenes panels. It looks good, but I’m not sure if this one will finally make it into my pull list.

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My weakness is here: Star Trek TNG! In Mirro Broken mini-series we find Captain Jean-Luc Picard eager to take control of the newest warship of the Empire: the ISS Enterprise! You got it! This is the mirror devilish universe! Picard wants to help the Empire achieve all its glory. And I’m going to give to it all my money! I need this comic book!

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This comic book is gold! Tank Girl Gold collects issues 1 to 4. Prepare yourself for madness and mayhem all over the place. (I collected them already, so I can tell you it’s gold forever and ever. Get this one!) Remember: this one is not for kids!

What comic books made it to your list this week?

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