Funko Pops that Kick Ass with Books

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Today we’re going to explore Funko Pops that kick ass with books. Pairing Pops with books is cool, but pairing kick ass Pops with books is even better! The trick relies on matching topics that fit both the Funko Pop and the book.

So, let’s start with Ms. Marvel and Persepolis. I wasn’t so sure about the pairing, but then it turned out to be a great one. If you haven’t read Persepolis yet, I highly recommend this graphic novel.

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We continue with Regina and a digital book. This week has been challenging for Once Upon a Time fans. First Captain Swan marries, just to know that Emma is leaving the show. As Rumple says, all magic comes with a price. We wished for a wedding, and now we get the price. However, we already know that Season 7 is around the corner. The Charmings are out, but Hook, Regina, and Rumple will continue their adventures. I just wonder what type. So, yes, I’m sticking with the show. Because of pirate reasons, that’s why.

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If you love robots, then you have to like this match: a Cylon with a book dedicated to robots. (I could have chosen a different book, but this one paired the robot better.)

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I continue my obsession with Leigh Bardugo’s Crooked Kingdom and Killian Jones. For some reason, I imagine Kaz as a younger and more damaged version of Hook. And since we’re talking about crows here, I decided to add to the pot a mini Funko, Maleficent’s pet. I seriously don’t know what to do when I finish reading the duology. I’m too hooked with it! I need suggestions!

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And, finally, Star Trek TNG featuring the Physics of Star Trek. I’ve been taking some Star Trek pics with Pops and matching books. It’s been too funny! I loved doing it! So, if I find more vintage books to read, I’ll add them to the pot.

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Have you matched any Pops with books during this week?

Note: this post contains some affiliate links. I only share things that I love.

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